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Keymaster Reloaded DVD & props
Keymaster Reloaded
DVD & props by Craig Petty - $70.00

Craig Petty presents Keymaster Reloaded: the most organic moving hole routine you will EVER see. Slide holes up and down keys, move holes on to the stem of a key and even visibly move holes from one key to another, all with the 6 custom designed keys supplied. Your audiences...

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Smokey Magic Upgrade Kit Trick
Smokey Magic Upgrade Kit
Trick by Trevor Duffy (V) - $115.00

Quoted from the Wizard Magic review on 26 March 2014:"I feel more in control of the smoke and of how dense it is. I find it a little more reliable and am more connected to the moment of smoke. You get more smoke, quicker".- David Penn This is an upgrade kit for the original Smokey Magic. It is a...

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Expansion Pack  for Limitless DVD
Expansion Pack for Limitless
DVD by Peter Nardi - $30.75 NOW $10.00 (SAVE $20.75)

Queen of Hearts Reload Pack for Limitless."For years I have been playing with ways to psychologically implant a card in my spectators mind. I now believe I have created the perfect method"- Peter NardiLimitless allows you to do just that, and the best bit? Your spectator will believe they had a...

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