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King's Sword Trick
King's Sword
Trick by Jaehoon Lim - $22.00

Jaehoon Lim, releases his new effect. In this video, Jaehoon teaches you in detail the five basic skills needed to perform King's Sword. He also gives you detailed instructions on how to construct the gimmick, and teaches you four amazing routines with it. Skills Taught (along with...

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The VS Project (2 DVD Set) DVD
The VS Project (2 DVD Set)
DVD by Paul Pickford - $40.25

The VS Project showcases some of Paul's outstanding card creations, his approach to sleight of hand, the psychology of timing and misdirection as well as his interpretation of some classic effects. Central to these DVD's is Paul's use and handling of a superb, and often over looked, Marlo sleight...

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Paul Draper Live Lecture DVD DVD
Paul Draper Live Lecture DVD
DVD by Paul Draper - $9.95

Paul Draper is one of the hardest working mentalists and magicians we know.  An anthropologist, magician and mentalist all in one, Paul has traveled the world performing, lecturing and spreading his knowledge of these arts, even having had the honors of performing at the world...

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