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Loophole DVD & props
DVD & props by Cameron Francis - $9.95

Every Ambitious Card routine needs a good ending. This is a great ending. At the end of an Ambitious Card routine, the performer takes the signed selection and places it in the middle of the deck. He then places the entire deck into the card box, which has a large hole cut out of it. With...

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Johnny Thompson's Commercial Magic 1 - 4 DVD or download
Johnny Thompson's Commercial Magic 1 - 4
DVD or download by Johnny Thompson - $34.95 each

"I have learned more from John Thompson than from any other source in the world. Now you, too, can learn from the master!" -Lance Burton At Vanishing Inc Magic we don’t like to tell you what to do. How you learn is your business. But with all the crap out there today, it’s easy to get...

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Real Man's Wallet Accessory
Real Man's Wallet
Accessory by Steve Draun - $39.95

Card to Wallet should be a staple in any walkaround performer's repertoire. It's one of the strongest things you can do with a signed card and always gets a strong reaction. The problem? Almost all of the gimmicked wallets available look like crap. However, we surveyed some of the top...

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