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Incredible Self-Working Card Tricks - Volume 5 DVD
Incredible Self-Working Card Tricks - Volume 5
DVD by Michael Maxwell - $35.00

Best-selling author, DVD producer and all-around swell guy, Michael Maxwell, has painstakingly researched and compiled what he considers to be the most amazing "self-working card tricks" ever created-amazing card tricks requiring NO SKILL! These are killer card tricks to have in your arsenal for...

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Solomon's Secrets Book
Solomon's Secrets
Book by David Solomon - $55.00

There are a few card magicians who IMMEDIATELY grab our attention, and David Solomon is one. Why? He has built a career around devising extremely clever, surprising, and (mostly) easy to do card magic. His tricks and plots are NOT derivative. Instead, they often SET the trends for what others will...

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Talk About Tricks DVD
Talk About Tricks
DVD by Joshua Jay - $99.95

From the pages of MAGIC Magazine to your TV screen, the "Talk About Tricks" DVD Box Set is one of the most eclectic, unexpected collections of magic and magicians ever captured on DVD. The concept is simple: Joshua Jay writes the critically-acclaimed "Talk About Tricks" column every month in MAGIC...

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