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Bunny Buster Trick
Bunny Buster
Trick by Rich Hill's Illusion Shop - $1195.00

This effect is based on the classic Rabbit Wringer effect, with a wonderful twist by Brian Bailey. "Bunny Buster" brings the effect full circle. The awesome artwork for the flat bunny by Gary Vandermarks, and Rich Hill's amazing craftsmanship, completes an illusion you'll be proud to add to...

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The Ivory Connection DVD
The Ivory Connection
DVD by Reed and Dobson McClintock - $32.50

What is The Ivory Connection? The Ivory Connection is the name explorers gave to the secret pathway leading from a clever pocket trick from the 1940's to a stunning magical experience of today. The Ivory Connection was discovered by professional performers Reed McClintock and Steve Dobson working...

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Palms of Steel 4: Cashablanca DVD
Palms of Steel 4: Cashablanca
DVD by Curtis Kam - $35.00

From all over the world, coin tricks come to Cashablanca fleeing the Gaffed Coin Gestapo and the tyranny of the EZ to Master race. Here, they struggle to become pure sleight-of-hand Magic; earning their passage to audiences in the free world. Hidden away from the distractions of a phony studio...

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