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Latest magic tricks at Vanishing Inc. Magic

Invisible Writer Accessory
Invisible Writer
Accessory by Vernet Magic - $18.00

Vernet Magic has the most complete line of writers. But there was one missing, until now -- a writer undetectable under conditions of high scrutiny. We're proud to present: Invisible Writer by Esteban Manazza It allows new handlings that make the writer "Invisible" New and original...

Experiencing the Impossible Book
Experiencing the Impossible
Book by Gustav Kuhn - $32.75

How the scientific study of magic reveals intriguing-and often unsettling-insights into the mysteries of the human mind. What do we see when we watch a magician pull a rabbit out of a hat or read a person's mind? We are captivated by an illusion; we applaud the fact that we have been fooled. Why do...

Every Table is a Stage DVD
Every Table is a Stage
DVD by Dan Fleshman - $49.95

For the last 30 years, I have been making my living as a professional magician. The effects on these DVD's are my bread and butter. Routines that have been fine tuned over thousands of performances for audiences at corporate events, parties and my specialty restaurants. Performing 3 hours a night 5...

Vanishing Milk Bottle Trick
Vanishing Milk Bottle
Trick by Amazo Magic - $45.00

We present a large bottle built to contain milk or other liquid. After showing it, the liquid contained inside will start to diminish and vanish. A high quality bottle for professional use. Measures 23 centimeters high and 8 centimeters in diameter, supplied with the cap. Instructions included.

Frenetic Vol 2 DVD
Frenetic Vol 2
DVD by Grant Maidment - $30.00

How often is it that a hugely successful working magician, tips all of his working material for others to use? Grant Maidment performs totally workable routines that all pack a punch and are absolute winners. Repeat Sandwich A signed card appears between a named pair of cards twice, then the deck...

Frenetic Vol 1 DVD
Frenetic Vol 1
DVD by Grant Maidment - $30.00

How often is it that a hugely successful working magician, tips all of his working material for others to use? On this 2 DVD set, Grant Maidment performs totally workable routines that all pack a punch and are absolute winners. Your Signed Card Grant's signature twisting effect with two kicker...

Gambler's Playing Cards Deck of cards
Gambler's Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Drop Thirty Two - $15.00

There is something inherently luxurious when large sums of money change hands. The Gamblers Playing Cards (Borderless Black)is for those who appreciate the finer things in life. A chosen few like you, understand the incredible feel of the crushed stock when the cards brush the felt. The thrill of...

Jawbreaker Trick
Trick by Rasmus Magic - $185.00

For the first time in magic, you get the ability to detect 3 different colored, heavy plastic balls (orange, blue and green) at 3 different locations. No electronics and 100% silent! You know exactly and accurately, where each ball is. The spectator places one ball in his pocket, puts one ball in...

Wooden Playing Cards Cabinet Accessory
Wooden Playing Cards Cabinet
Accessory by TCC Presents - $50.00

TCC's Playing Cards Cabinet is a gorgeous new way of storing decks. Made in North American Black Walnut (a type of wood found in Louvre, Versailles Palace, Buckingham Palace), this cabinet will be a mini luxury piece of furniture in your house. Its semi-enclosed design allows you to locate your...

Colorful Kings Trick
Colorful Kings
Trick by Vinny Sagoo - $20.00

You show a small wallet with a prediction, which you place face down on the table. You also show a packet of cards with blue backs, telling the spectator that they are the four Kings. Ask them to name either the red or the black Kings. Imagine that they select the black Kings. You say that you had...

Rubiked Trick
Trick by Gentlemen's Magic and Vincent Tarrit - $145.00 NOW $116.00 (SAVE $29.00)

Rubiked is a remarkable piece of technology built into a humble Rubik's Cube. You have someone freely mix up a cube and stop wherever they want. You open up your phone and go to the photos folder. The last photo you took was a picture of a cube in EXACTLY the combination they mixed it into. Rubiked...

Quantum - Calen Morelli Trick
Quantum - Calen Morelli
Trick by Calen Morelli - $49.95

Quantum by Calen Morelli - it looks like a camera trick, but isn't Have you watched the trailer yet? Go on, watch it then come back. Yup, it looks as good in real life as it does on video. A Sharpie penetrates a playing card, hyper-visually. It's slid about the card, like The Moving Hole, then...

IZO Playing Cards Deck of cards
IZO Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Felix Ha - $11.20

LIMITED EDITION: Only 2500 printed! Will NOT be reprinted. IZO Playing Cardsis a minimalist custom deck of cardistry-oriented playing cards designed by Felix Ha. Inspired by isometric design, the deck is designed with a tri-color palette featuring geometric shapes. IZO Playing Cardsis made for...

Trick by Rasmus Magic - $95.00

The ultimate Which Hand effect + the ultimate Kurotsuke Effect just got better and BIGGER! Now as a Stage Version! All needed props included! The included balls have a diameter of 24mm. The gimmick is 50% stronger than the close-up version. X-Ray STAGE VERSION is DOUBLEthe range compared to the...

Sensory Playing Cards Deck of cards
Sensory Playing Cards
Deck of cards by TCC Presents and Lunzi - $15.00

LIMITED EDITION: Only 1000 printed! Will NOT be reprinted. About Lunzi: Lunzi has an innate sensitivity and talent to art. He is one of the most artistic people we have ever met. People who have met him before describe him as "born to be an artist." About the cards: This is the second...

Jumbo Princess Card Trick Trick
Jumbo Princess Card Trick
Trick by Tejinaya - $19.95

Magic and mindreading in one great effect! Show 5 picture cards to your spectator - ask them to remember one of them in their mind. Remove one card from the group of cards. Show the remaining cards, and the thought-of card is gone! Show the card that was removed earlier - it is now totally blank!...

No.707 Hippos Playing Cards Deck of cards
No.707 Hippos Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Michael Scott - $10.00

This is a hand designed deck of vintage playing cards by Michael Scott. He designed the deck to have the feel of a classic late 1800's deck. It has a synthetic vintage long tongue tuck case with printing inside. It comes with a vintage stamp seal. The deck has 56 cards -- 52 playing cards, 2 Joker...

Travel Around the World Trick
Travel Around the World
Trick by Tony D'Amico and Luca Volpe Productions - $47.00


Paper Ink Trick
Paper Ink
Trick by Marcos Cruz - $35.00

A new twist to the classic effect, Water in the Newspaper. Marcos Cruz has come up with a fabulous and modern version! The gimmick comes ready to use, in two versions: Water in the newspaper:Pour three liquids of different colors into a newspaper. Show the interior of the newspaper - the liquid has...

Any Card Trick
Any Card
Trick by Richard Sanders - $39.95

Any Card by Richard Sanders This is a very clever gimmicked deck of cards. What happens? You remove a boxed deck of cards. Ask your spectator to name any card. (And it really can be any card, there’s no force, psychological or otherwise). Let’s assume they name the five of hearts. You unbox the...

Free Arrow Trick
Free Arrow
Trick by Himitsu Magic - $39.95

Here's an effect that excites audiences! Your spectator first selects an item on the table, or selects a card. Then, the spectator can transmit through their mind, and the pointer instantly points to the item or card that they selected. The pointer will stop at a certain position during the...

Magicians of Asia - Bundle 4  Magic download (video)
Magicians of Asia - Bundle 4
Magic download (video) by Mr. Pearl, Rall and Uni - $15.00 NOW $12.00 (SAVE $3.00)

At Vanishing Inc., we travel the world to find and share the very best magic with you. In this new series, we are featuring new magic from some of the very best underground magicians in Asia. You'll learn a whole new style of magic, ranging from modern takes on classic plots to wildly original...

Simple Triumph Magic download (video)
Simple Triumph
Magic download (video) by Mr. Pearl - $10.00 NOW $8.00 (SAVE $2.00)

Mr. Pearl teaches you his go-to Triumph routine. It can be set up in less than a second and is self-working. This is the perfect, quick trick to do any time, anywhere. Running time: 5 minutes 39 seconds

Go Back Magic download (video)
Go Back
Magic download (video) by Uni - $10.00 NOW $8.00 (SAVE $2.00)

Go Back by Uni is a cleverylu constructed two-coin routine which is the perfect trick to do on the fly. It's quick, fun to perform, and easy to learn. Running time: 5 minutes 54 seconds

Between cards Magic download (video)
Between cards
Magic download (video) by Rall - $10.00 NOW $8.00 (SAVE $2.00)

Produce 4 coins from between two aces. This simple but deceptive production takes 5 minutes of practice but will then become a utility that you can use to begin any of your coin routines. Running time: 5 minutes 38 seconds