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Astonishing Essays - Lawrence Hass Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Astonishing Essays - Lawrence Hass
Book by Lawrence Hass - $25.00

In 2006, Dr. Lawrence Hass did the unthinkable. He left his job as a tenured Professor to pursue close-up magic as a full-time profession. Against the odds, his magic business is thriving, he is content in his work, and he is happy. “I’ve learned a lot through this life change, about myself...

The Trick That CAN Be Explained! Trick
The Trick That CAN Be Explained!
Trick by Mark Elsdon - $29.95

You begin by showing a small envelope and say you have a playing card inside. You place this envelope to one side and you NEVER have to touch it again. Your spectator can remove the cards from the card box and shuffle the deck. They can cut to anywhere in the deck and the top card is immediately...

Ali Bongo's Growing Hat Trick
Ali Bongo's Growing Hat
Trick by Alan Wong - $25.00

This is a classic item created by Ali Bongo and is still one of the best bits of business for the children's entertainer. You can use it in any routine where you have a child helping you. The hat grows and grows until finally it becomes a real green giant's hat! Ali Bongo's Growing Hat will give...

The Key of Fate Trick
The Key of Fate
Trick by Luca Volpe and Alan Wong - $150.00

Finally, the most requested routine from Luca's lecture is available! A solid and very entertaining 10-to-12 minute act, that you can perform in any circumstance and with any performing style. In fact, the act is so flexible that can be also "tailor made" for corporate performances! Luca...

Hypnotic Playing Cards Deck of cards
Hypnotic Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Michael McClure - $13.95

Put your audience in a trance with the Hypnotic Playing Cards, the latest cardistry deck from Doc’s Playing Cards. With an iconic hypnotizing wheel back design, you are sure to mesmerize everyone around you with each cardistry fan and flourish. This incredible theme is also subtly intertwined...

Emanations Playing Cards Deck of cards
Emanations Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Mahdi Gilbert - $20.00

Mahdi the Magician returns with an incredible new deck of cards Following the massive success of his Hidden Leaves deck of cards in 2018, Mahdi Gilbert—better known as Mahdi the Magician—introduces the Emanations Playing Cards. These timelessly elegant playing cards were drawn and designed...

Spud Revision Playing Cards Deck of cards
Spud Revision Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Hoang Nguyen - $13.00

The limited edition Spud Revision Playing Cards bring a daring new combination of streetwear fashion and adventurous typography to the cardistry community. Every playing card in this deck has been reimagined to match the striking blue and gold theme, including a completely custom Ace of...

The Devil & the Magician Trick
The Devil & the Magician
Trick by Paul Gordon - $39.95

Unusual, unique and bizarre Tarot Magick from Paul Gordon. Be afraid. Be very afraid! The curse of the demon is upon us! Eight devils and one lonely magician fight it out until good prevails over evil. Using white magic over black, the magician is triumphant. This is Wild Card with emphasis on the...

Provision Playing Cards Deck of cards
Provision Playing Cards
Deck of cards by theory11 - $9.95

100% custom-illustrated deck of cards made in America to honor America. From the Liberty Bell to Independence Hall, Philadelphia is an iconic city laden with history and culture that is often referred to as the birthplace of America. The City of Brotherly Love has been the epicenter of countless...

Zion Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by AGUSTIN - $6.95

You introduce a single blue playing card with one missing corner. Take another card and cover it with the blue card. Visually, the card under the blue card changes into the spectator's card with just simple push. Immediately hand them out for examination and see how your spectator is blown...

Axolotl Playing Cards Deck of cards
Axolotl Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Enigma Cards - $18.00

The axolotl, also known as the Méxican walking fish, is a famous and beloved creature that was declared severely endangered in 2006. These fascinating critters were the inspiration for a Pokémon and can even heal themselves like a superhero. Yet, in 2015, many scientists actually feared the species...

Alice Book Test Trick
Alice Book Test
Trick by Josh Zandman - $55.00

"Genuine innovations in a book test are rarer than a Cheshire cat, and yet Josh Zandman's new Alice Book Test is easy to use and offers surprises that will make you grin from ear to ear!" - Brett Barry "The best part about performing magic is when it happens completely in the...

FFF 2.0 Trick
FFF 2.0
Trick by TCC Presents - $50.00

After five years of dedication, we are proud to release FFF 2.0: the art of mental bending with a new revolutionary device. Produced by the TCC team. You're about to learn an extremely VISUAL metal bending routine, and this may be something that you have been dreaming about for years. FFF 2.0 comes...

Deep Clear Trick
Deep Clear
Trick by Paul Harris - $39.95

Deep Clear by Paul Harris 20 years ago, Paul Harris set the magic world on fire with Deep Astonishment and Deep Astonishment 2. Now, get ready for Deep Clear. The ultimate evolution of the classic effect. What Happens? A slim ID wallet is placed on the table. The audience can see a small packet of...

The Magic of Ascanio Volume 1 The Structural Conception of Magic Book
The Magic of Ascanio Volume 1 The Structural Conception of Magic
Book by Ascanio and Jesús Etcheverry - $149.95

JAPANESE EDITION Compiled and Written by Jesús Etcheverry The Maestro left us on April 6th, 1997, but his magic remains alive. The Magic of Ascanio, in four volumes. His theories, his thinking, his philosophy, and the entirety of his card magic, including his legendary routines (with over thirty...

Pro Series: Swordlace   Trick
Pro Series: Swordlace
Trick by SansMinds Productionz and Guillermo Dech and Yuji Enei - $59.00

Swordlace is a classic card effect that has stood the test of time. Not only is the effect strong and direct, but having the cards spring up into the air and shower to the ground as the effect happens psychologically signifies the finale and wraps the entire performance. It's a beautiful plot used...

The Vault - 11Touch Magic download (video)
The Vault - 11Touch
Magic download (video) by Longlong - $19.99

11TOUCH is our first exposure to the incredible magic teaching work of China's underground magician, Longlong. With years of accumulation and clever thinking, he has created numerous sleights and routines. Now, he has decided to publish some of them! In 11TOUCH, you will learn 11 strong sleights...

Sweet Simplicity DVD or download
Sweet Simplicity
DVD or download by John Carey - $25.00

Bigblindmedia presents Sweet Simplicity with John Carey (BBM194) John Carey has built an international reputation for his streamlined approach to card magic. Simplicity of method and great routining equals great magic that is EASY to do BUT still utterly fooling! On Sweet Simplicity you'll find...

Paradigm Playing Cards Deck of cards
Paradigm Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Derek Grimes - $12.00

Only 2500 decks available. Will never be printed again Prepare to be mesmerized by the absolutely stunning Paradigm Playing Cards. These gorgeous playing cards feature an intricate back design with a brilliant color scheme and seemingly impossible depth that has been brought to life by Derek...

The Magic Cube Trick
The Magic Cube
Trick by Gustavo Raley - $49.95

Introducing one of the most innovative and creative effects of this year. A number of effects and presentations are possible with The Magic Cube. EFFECT 1: The magician shows the audience a DVD cover - he states that inside are instructions on how to solve the Rubik's Cube with this DVD in seconds....

Opus Video Master-Class Trick
Opus Video Master-Class
Trick by Fraser Parker - $205.00

OPUS is a "Master-Class" on modern mentalism, from the creative mind of Fraser Parker. Watch the trailer to see the stunned reactions! It's in video format, released via USB stick, containing links to each of the downloads. Effects include: His latest propless name guess, LOST NAME OF...

Genii Magazine July 2019 Magazine
Genii Magazine July 2019
Magazine by Genii Magazine - $6.15

GENII THE CONJURORS' MAGAZINE VOLUME 82 NUMBER 7 July 2019 FEATURES Ton: A Life Interviewed by Max Maven Card Index Designed by Ton Onosaka Connie Boyd's Signature Feminine Twists By Chloe Olewitz COLUMNS Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman In Memoriam James "Doc" Nuzzo by Jon...

The End Times Book Two Book
The End Times Book Two
Book by Ryan Matney - $30.00

Back from the brink. The End Times Book Two has been a long time coming and now it is here. 9 items featuring tricks that are self-working, some displays of skill, a couple of visual surprises, and even some hypnotic influence. Rigged Result is John Carey's latest sleight-free take on the Free Will...