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Predict N' Grab V2 Trick
Predict N' Grab V2
Trick by Artur Santos - $35.00

PredictNGrab is an ingenious web app that patches Instagram with some extra magical features. Force the spectator's selection (2x) Pull out their selection from your device (PhotoGrab) PredictNGrab—it's the most technologically advanced app to force any picture or video on your Instagram profile....

Snowman Factory Playing Cards Deck of cards
Snowman Factory Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Xu Yu Juan - $20.00

This deck is like a fairy tale that lifts the real world's veil, to bring the fancy dreaming world to you—Snowman Factory. When you take out the cards from the tuck case, it is like removing the internal mechanical structure from a machine. The front is "Mr. Elk", and the back is the...

Mavoch Magic download (ebook)
Magic download (ebook) by Ori Ascher - $38.95

For a long time, my dream was to be able to reveal a thought-of PIN code, without the spectator appearing to give anything away. I read everything I could get my hands on that was relevant. I have always loved working with propless techniques, but when I examined it from all angles, I just couldn't...

MMS ONE SHOT - SACT Aces Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Ben Train - $6.00

What you see is what you get! Welcome to the Murphys Magic Supplies One Shot series! Each one-shot download is hand-picked from our amazing At The Table lecture series and features one proven powerhouse magic trick all shot in one continuous take. That's right, no edits, no fancy music or effects...

2019 National Playing Card Deck Zellij Tile Deck of cards
2019 National Playing Card Deck Zellij Tile
Deck of cards by Seasons Playing Card - $52.00

LIMITED EDITION: Only 499 printed! Will NOT be reprinted. The NPCCD decks are an annual tribute to how we see the art of card collection - beautifully unique, consistently dynamic, and authentically yours. Every year they seek to test the boundaries of the playing card world to keep our art...

ROLLER COASTER  Trick (pre-order)
Trick (pre-order) by Hanson Chien - $59.95

"Most organic version of a classic killer." Yif "I'm always a fan of Coin Through Glass plot and this is the most reliable method yet. Organic, simple and works." Patrick Kun "I LOVE when magic becomes organic. This is definitely the best version on the...

Layer Trick
Trick by Dylan Sausset - $25.00

Would you like a new sensation during a floating card? Layer is made for you! Here, with this gimmick, the card can float in the air with a brand new system. What is new about this gimmick? When the card begins to float, you can choose how to make it levitate! It can be slow, or the card can jump...

Trick by Eric Chien and TCC Presents - $55.00

"For the close up-Eric Chien!" In the summer of 2018, Eric Chien used his super visual routine to blow everyone's mind in the Busan Exhibition & Convention Center and won the FISM Grand Prix. Magic, CG, shocking, unbelievable... Please don't be miserly, apply any words you can imagine...

The Vault - Labelled Evolution Magic download (video)
The Vault - Labelled Evolution
Magic download (video) by Ben Williams - $20.00

Melt a label through a bottle and hand it out for examination! Labelled Evolution is all of Ben Williams's best work to date on the Label Inside Bottle illusion. Within this 3 hour download video, you will learn many different versions of his effect, Labelled. This really is a huge compilation of...

Itoshito DVD
DVD by SansMinds Productionz and Zee - $39.95

Our friend Zee took the coin magic community by storm with the release of Project Z and How to do Coin Magic. Many respected names raved about his modern touch on classic moves. Zee definitely sets a new bar for visual coin magic, and Itoshito, is the next chapter in his advanced visual coin...

Camouflage by Keith Porter  Trick
Camouflage by Keith Porter
Trick by Keith Porter - $21.50

Keith Porter's Camouflage is a color changing deck routine like no other. This multi-phase effect has some seriously visual eye-popping changes. Effect Four blue backed cards are displayed each baring a colorful Chameleon on the face. Phase One A card is selected from a red backed deck. The card is...

Second Chance Magic download (ebook)
Second Chance
Magic download (ebook) by Wayne Dobson - $10.00

Effect Without you even touching the deck a spectator thinks of any card and removes it from the deck and hides it in their pocket. You then take another deck and claim that you are going to try and choose the same card that the spectator has hidden in their pocket. You remove one card and the...

Magicseen Magazine - January 2020 Magic download (ebook)
Magicseen Magazine - January 2020
Magic download (ebook) by Magicseen Magazine - $6.50

Here at Vanishing Inc., we have always sought to curate products which love. They must be unique, of a high quality and different. Magicseen Magazine is exactly that and we are thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership with them. Published in England, Magicseen is COMPLETELY different to any of...

Immortal Dharma Trick
Immortal Dharma
Trick by Katto Koga - $35.00

A unique magic effect that uses the traditional Japanese toy, "Daruma-otoshi". The magical Daruma jumps to avoid a hammer. When it's knocked down and has collapsed, it magically rebuilds itself. Practice is necessary, but if you master this, you can cause magical phenomena. Product...

Arrow Trick
Trick by SansMinds Productionz - $35.00

Usually, magic effects are most powerful with a presentation, but there are some good exceptions. Arrow is one of those exceptions. The ink comes alive, and the arrow moves in an impossible manner. Not only is the visual strange and entertaining to watch, but it's also highly adaptable to your...

Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Volume 4 DVD or download
Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Volume 4
DVD or download by Big Blind Media - $25.00

The best selling Ultimate Self Working Card Trick series is the gold standard for sleight-free card tricks... magic that slays audiences and yet requires NO moves to accomplish. The emphasis here is on providing you with KILLER tricks that you just need to concentrate on presenting! In the five...

HUE Trick
Trick by Kaan Akdogan - $29.95

HUE by Kaan Akdogan and MagicfromHolland is a unique prediction effect! Show a red bicycle deck and three envelopes, numbered 1, 2 and 3. Have a spectator cut the deck or he stops you while you dribble through the cards. A random card is selected and placed face up on one of the envelopes. This is...

RD Insta Trick (pre-order)
RD Insta
Trick (pre-order) by Henry Harrius - $74.95

Please note: The first batch of RD Insta sold out within 6 hours. We estimate that more will be available in February-March 2020. We highly recommend that you pre-order now to guarantee that you get one. We will be the first shop to get them back in stock. This is, without question, the most visual...

Trick by Mariano Goni Fernandez - $60.00

"If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million." Step up your predictions with video, using "PASSWORD"! Once you set up your panel, you can perform without your phone. Ask your spectator to name, point or write any option. Then they enter your web page...

Magicians of Asia - Bundle 7 Magic download (video)
Magicians of Asia - Bundle 7
Magic download (video) by Yohei Hawabata, Tae Sang and Uni - $15.00

At Vanishing Inc., we travel the world to find and share the very best magic with you. In this new series, we are featuring new magic from some of the very best underground magicians in Asia. You'll learn a whole new style of magic, ranging from modern takes on classic plots to wildly original...

Trick by Skymember, Avi Yap and Sultan Orazaly - $39.95

CGI level visual magic has been taking the magic industry by storm lately, but it is either too angle sensitive or insanely hard to pull off in real life situations. What if we told you that you can perform a super visual and impossible coin change, that doesn't require any knuckle busting...

The Vault - Tom Mullica Expert Impromptu Magic Volume 1 Magic download (video)
The Vault - Tom Mullica Expert Impromptu Magic Volume 1
Magic download (video) by Tom Mullica - $14.95

Impromptu anywhere, anytime magic at it's finest!A curated list of impromptu miracles taught by a master! Tom Mullica Teaches you some of his favorites. Effects included: Perpetual Balls The Cookie Mystery Waters of India Stretching a Hank Ring, Rope, & Pin The Bouncing Fruit The Spirit...

Promnesia Trick
Trick by Alakazam UK and Grame David Fishwick - $21.99

Promnesia is a power house packet effect from the mind of Graeme David Fishwick. Promnesia has multiple changes and multiple moment of visual impact. This is a packet effect you will love to perform and it is adaptable! Once you learn the handling you can adapt this effect to totally change the...

Super Pad 2 Trick
Super Pad 2
Trick by Gustavo Raley - $40.00

Various cards with images of drinks are shown. The spectator chooses one, then the magician takes from an envelope a giant pad of paper, saying that he will guess which drink the spectator selected. The magician draws a can with its corresponding logo coinciding with the one chosen by the...

2 TO 1 Rope Trick
2 TO 1 Rope
Trick by Aprendemagia - $15.00

This effect, when using a thin string or fine rope, has existed for centuries. Today it has been rescued by Ling-Fu, who uses a large diameter rope! This allows the effect to be performed in all kinds of shows and venues, from close-up magic, parlor, large stages, or even a track field! In an...

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