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The Vault - Fugitive Coins Magic download (video)
The Vault - Fugitive Coins
Magic download (video) by David Roth - $5.00

A two coin transposition they can feel in their own hands! An underground and rare principle that ads a convincing tactile layer of deception to the two coin transposition plot. No gimmicks. Easy to do. Incredible reactions. Download this classic today!

WOW 3 Face-Up Sleeve Trick
WOW 3 Face-Up Sleeve
Trick by Katsuya Masuda - $15.50

This is ONLY the sleeve from the WOW 3 Face-Up effect. The gimmick card and instructions are NOT included. This sleeve is suitable for spectator examination after the WOW 3 Face-Up card transformation.

TRUE Trick
Trick by Secret Factory and Mr. K - $225.00

TRUE is an advanced electronic sensing system that looks totally organic. It combines NFC sensing with long-range receiving technology. Just imagine You show your audience a nice little custom-made wooden box. Then you take out 4 objects: A ring, key fob, button and a casino chip. Ask your...

Skateboard V2 Playing Cards Deck of cards
Skateboard V2 Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Riffle Shuffle - $10.00

Less than 2,500 of a one-time print of 5,000 decks remain! When they were first released in 2016, the original Skateboard Playing Cards were a massive hit. Now, due to popular demand, Kevin Yu and Riffle Shuffle introduce the Skateboard V2 Playing Cards. This incredible, limited edition deck of...

Torn Corner Machine Trick
Torn Corner Machine
Trick by Juan Pablo - $29.95

A few years ago Juan Pablo released Torn Card Evolution and revolutionized the way we tear a corner on a playing card. Now, with Juan Pablo's Torn Corner Machine, you can make your own cards! What if it were possible for you to tear the corner of a card the same every time? Imagine the effects you...

Book by Fenik - $99.95

THE CODE "THE EXCLUSIVE REPERTOIRE OF FENIK" THE ELEGANCE OF MAGIC IS BACK! Fenik has made his reputation as a magician's magician for more than two decades. He has been a student and friend of true legends of magic and is considered the most outstanding heir of one of the best schools of...

Tribute to Ernest Earick Magic download (video)
Tribute to Ernest Earick
Magic download (video) by Raphael Macho - $6.95

This is a tribute to a move by Ernest Earick. I worked on these three applications for over 6 years now and I think it's a gain for the magic community. I will teach you two controls to the top of the deck and one card2pocket application. Everything is accomplished with a normal deck of playing...

Magicseen Lite - July 2019 Magic download (ebook)
Magicseen Lite - July 2019
Magic download (ebook) by Magicseen Magazine - Free

Magicseen Lite offers you tricks, interviews, and reviews for no charge! This condensed version of the digital edition of Magicseen Magazine is the perfect morning read. If you enjoy it, pick up the full issue too. Magiseen Lite will be released one month after the main issue goes live. In this...

Bitcoin Playing Cards Deck of cards
Bitcoin Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Patrick Kun - $15.00

Incredibly deceptive marked cards. Be a step ahead of every spectator with the stunning Bitcoin Playing Cards from IPO52 and Patrick Kun. This premium deck of cards was created to embody the prestige, mystique and story of Bitcoin. We invite you to check out all of the incredible details...

BLOW Trick
Trick by Juan Capill - $35.00

From Made with Magic we are very pleased to present our first release -- BLOW. BLOW is an effect based on a classic transposition of four cards taken to the next level. It refers to a revolutionary method that allows you to change cards without touching them. It is very visual and the best part of...

The Vault - Nova Magic download (video)
The Vault - Nova
Magic download (video) by Avi Yap and Skymember Presents - $19.95

"I LOVE this move!! This breathtaking move is not easy, but soooooo worth the time and effort required for your card man arsenal!!" - Gregory Wilson Many eye candy card tricks like TNR and Color Changing usually require gimmicks to achieve the visualness. What if we are telling you that...

Trick by Antonio Satiru - $49.95

Effect: Your spectator chooses ANY card (no force). The selection is signed and placed back into the deck. The deck is tossed in the air. Then, just like Bruce Lee, you KICK the cards in mid-air. Your audience loses their collective mind as they notice the signed selection is TIED in-between the...

T-1000 Trick
Trick by Hanson Chien and Nemo Liu - $35.00

T-1000 was the most popular magic product at the TMA Magic convention in 2018! The bead chain penetrates any object! T-1000 is created by Nemo Liu and Hanson Chien. T-1000 can also be used as a general accessory. The trailer demonstrates a variety of penetration applications. Two chains penetrating...

Ninja+ Fusion Trick
Ninja+ Fusion
Trick by Brian Caswell and Matthew Garrett - $110.00

Show a silver ball and a solid metal ring. Slowly and visually fuse them together. Let the audience examine this strange object. Professionally presented in a round box, Ninja+ Fusion comes in a black chrome finish and you are provided with all of the props needed, both a DVD and online...

Very Marked Cards Magic download (video)
Very Marked Cards
Magic download (video) by MICHAEL M BREGGAR - $10.00

You know Michael Breggar from his work in The Linking Ring plus his extremely well-received books, The Five Roads to Vegas, Back to the Launching Pad, Dancing with the Cards and Influence-Enza. Now, Michael brings you an awesome and funny trick which will have your audiences wanting to get new...

At The Table - August 2019 Live lecture
At The Table - August 2019
Live lecture by Menny Lindenfeld and Adrian Vega - $9.95

First up this month we have Adrian Vega, who is a multi-award-winning magician and teacher in the prestigious Spanish School of Magic. While Adrian was releasing hit effects like "SCAANDAL" and "Profiteer," he was also consulting and performing for Criss Angel's hit show,...

Magic Mirror Trick
Magic Mirror
Trick by Himitsu Magic - $29.95

Effect: The magician shows the audience a small drawing board and asks an audience member to draw a magic hat on the small drawing board. The audience member then chooses a card. The spectator uses his mobile phone to take a picture of the small drawing board. When the spectator views the photo,...

Rejoined Express Trick
Rejoined Express
Trick by Julio Montoro and Joao Miranda - $39.95

“Rejoined” was a huge hit in 2016, selling over 5,000 around the world. João Miranda and Julio Montoro are proud to now release “Rejoined Express”. This is a unique take on a torn and restored plot which is pure eye candy. This feels totally impromptu because it uses something so everyday. So...

CIB: Cards In Bag Trick
CIB: Cards In Bag
Trick by Dominique Duvivier - $55.00

Dominique Duvivier's new sensation !!! Seen on TV It fooled Penn & Teller in Penn & Teller: Fool Us. Incredible possibilities: Imagine the deck being mixed in all possible directions (some face up, some face down) by the magician as well as by the spectator. Magically, all the cards are now...

Band on Fire 2 Trick
Band on Fire 2
Trick by Magic Soul and Bacon Fire - $25.00

Magic soul's brand new product - Band on Fire 2 by Bacon Fire. "Inheriting the visual shock of the first episode, the new six strokes of rubber band killing" In December 2017, the emergence of the first version of Band on Fire injected new energy into rubber band magic. The visual...

Sudden Deck 3.0 Trick
Sudden Deck 3.0
Trick by David Regal - $29.95

In our opinion, this is simply the best way anyone could start any card routine. Within a few seconds you instantly establish yourself as a magician your audience are going to want to watch perform. What Happens? You show your audience what a card box looks like before it’s assembled and printed. A...

Social Media Magic Volume 1 Trick
Social Media Magic Volume 1
Trick by Felix Bodden and SansMinds Productionz - $44.95

Every new stage in technological advancement has given birth to a new form of media -- circuit, theater, radio, TV, and now, the Internet. Every generation has a platform where artists can get their names out to a larger crowd and build their career. Social media, without a doubt, is THE mainstream...

The Vault - Evanese Magic download (video)
The Vault - Evanese
Magic download (video) by Eric Jones - $6.95

The Ultimate Impromptu Coin Vanish! Master of Coin, Eric Jones, offers an amazing new IMPROMPTU coin vanish that is as insane as it is beautiful. Imagine causing a coin to vanish at the fingertips in the most incredible way possible. You can even do this one naked!!! Based on the work of Shoot...

Trick by Viktor Voitko - $35.00

A new system for the appearance/disappearance and the visible flight of various objects (such as cards, coins, bills, spoons, forks and much more...) Some effects: A spectator signs a coin. The coin then moves from one hand to the other in three different ways. In the final move, the coin slides...

Fire When Ready DVD or download
Fire When Ready
DVD or download by John Bannon - $25.00

After the bestselling smash hit releases 'Bullets After Dark' and 'Bullet Party', John Bannon is finally ready to close out his 'Bullet' trilogy. The third and final entry is Fire When Ready, a veritable feast of card magic delights. Fueled by Bannon's inimitable style of easy-to-achieve, yet...

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