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Genesis 4 Eisenhower Trick
Genesis 4 Eisenhower
Trick by Johnny Wong - $179.95

Johnny Wong's Genesis 4 is the latest in coin magic of 2019 and also includes an enhanced version of Perfect Power 3. It has many flexible applications and is the most up-to-date, delicate version of 4 in 1 coin magic. You can use Johnny Wong's Genesis 4 to perform many kinds of coin magic. It can...

Trick by Duy Thanh - $39.95

Sketch to objects is a classic effect. We at Smagic Productions introduce you a new concept for sketch to objects. It's a clever method and is hyper visual. Gets huge reactions anytime, anywhere. It utilizes a notebook that you can carry anytime, draw an object, and visually make it real. Ultra...

Change Assorts Magic download (video)
Change Assorts
Magic download (video) by Yuji Enei - $10.00

This video download teaches you many incredible, visual effects! These include: Extreme Change This super visual trick is designed for social media use. It's fun to do and the gimmick is very unique. Color Absorption You can change the color at your fingertips. If you want to be amazed, you have to...

Genii Magazine October 2019 Magazine
Genii Magazine October 2019
Magazine by Genii Magazine - $6.15

GENII THE CONJURORS' MAGAZINE VOLUME 82 NUMBER 10 October 2019 FEATURES The Shy, Scary Sacred Riana by Chloe Olewitz An Interview with Riani by Richard Kaufman MAGIC Live! by Chloe Olewitz and Dustin Stinett COLUMNS Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman In Memoriam: Eddy Taytelbaum by Eric Eswin Now...

Number 4 Envelope Trick
Number 4 Envelope
Trick by Blake Vogt - $29.95

The Perfect Multiple Out Device? This is some very clever thinking from Blake Vogt. It looks like a regular envelope, but has a beautiful 4 way out system built in. And the best bit? The spectator removes the contents of the envelope themselves. It’s not just a multiple out device, it can also be...

Beyond the Z Book
Beyond the Z
Book by Steve Reynolds - $25.00

"Steve's Bottom-Line is the most significant development to this shuffle since Herb Zarrow created it decades ago." Allan Ackerman Steve Reynolds is a bone fide master of the Zarrow Shuffle. Even Steve Forte said that his "approach, handling, and timing for the classic Zarrow...

Bretzels Trick (pre-order)
Trick (pre-order) by Mickael Chatelain - $39.95

Everyone loves pretzels. They’re salty. They’re crunchy. And now you can link them together thanks to Mickael Chatelain. This is a sensational close-up trick for a party, the bar or restaurant, or any place that you’d naturally find pretzels. The name of the trick, “Bretzels,” means “pretzels” in...

Artificial Intelligence Book Test Volume 1 - This Book Will Figure You Out Trick
Artificial Intelligence Book Test Volume 1 - This Book Will Figure You Out
Trick by Jason Messina - $39.95

The Artificial Intelligence Book Test - The Book That Does All The Work Imagine you hand a friend a book called Instant Personality Test. Each page of the book has a short question and depending on how your friend answers the question, they are directed to different pages. The questions are kind of...

SWEET  Trick
Trick by SMagic Productions - $35.00

If you are looking for a way to change your ordinary card routine into something new and strong, SWEET is for you! Visually you change a playing card box directly into a full gum box with the signed card magically folded inside. It's incredible when spectators are screaming while you're performing....

Hook  Trick
Trick by Eric Ross - $100.00

Eric Ross has invented a trick that we swear will be the new roulette routine. We hope you will agree. Imagine placing a hook in your mouth. Several strings dangle from your lips. One of them is attached, the rest are not. You call on 5 spectators to pull on a string of their choice. Let the games...

The Vault - The Marvelous Pencyclopedia Magic download (video)
The Vault - The Marvelous Pencyclopedia
Magic download (video) by Tom Crosbie - $24.95

Turn your everyday un-gimmicked Sharpie into a lethal magic weapon! Welcome to the Marvelous Pencyclopeadia by Tom Crosbie and Marvelous FX. On this download you will find a comprehensive library of moves and sleights using the Magician's favorite pen - The Sharpie. It also features moves and...

Body Mentalism Book
Body Mentalism
Book by Juan Pablo Ibañez - $30.00

From the fertile mind of Juan Pablo Ibánez: "Body Mentalism" "Body Mentalism" is an in depth study of an ingenious principle. You'll find more than 16 extraordinary mentalism routines, using only spectators and almost no elements. These routines are powerful, practical and...

Live and Let Dai Trick
Live and Let Dai
Trick by Robert Ramirez - $20.00

If James Bond were to perform a close-up magic trick with cards, before saving the world, this would be the one! Effect: You ask the spectator to simply NAME A CARD. You then shuffle face up into face down cards, like in the classic Triumph trick. BUT in this version you square up the deck, and...

Mind Over Matter DVD
Mind Over Matter
DVD by Daniel Johnson - $24.95

WARNING - Strictly over 18's only. This DVD contains strong language, drug and sexual references that some viewers may find offensive. 'Mind Over Matter' is the debut DVD from one of the UK's most aspiring mentalists, Daniel Dorian Johnson. Daniel regularly works as a street performer and has...

3 to 1 Rope Pro Trick
3 to 1 Rope Pro
Trick by CLIMAX - $39.95

The Professor's Nightmare is a classic of magic that lends itself to all types of presentations. You start by showing 3 ropes of different lengths: a small, medium and a long rope. After folding them in half, the 3 ropes are found to be all the same length! Imagine now being able to merge -...

Bill Breaker Trick
Bill Breaker
Trick by SMagic Productions - $39.95

Performing magic with money is always impressive to spectators - it keeps them interested! Now from Smagic, we have changed the rules -- place a stack of white paper on a card box, and instantly and visually the stack turns into a wad of bills! Your spectators will have absolutely no clue as to how...

Singled Out Trick
Singled Out
Trick by Jean Pierre Vallarino - $35.00

You thought about the Jack of Clubs? That's good! This is the only card in the deck: only ONE Jack of Clubs because the other 51 cards are... the 3 of Hearts! You will be able to show all the cards of your deck on the table and show the spectator that this one was in fact made up only of the 3 of...

The Surprise Magic download (video)
The Surprise
Magic download (video) by Think Nguyen - $14.95

"Fooled me so badly!!! I'd perform this to others just to entertain myself!" - Zee J. Yan "I'm on my way to the store to pick up some new jeans because this fooled the pants off me!" - Richard Sanders "The perfect trick for those late-night magic jams. A real...

Zodiac Trick
Trick by Paul Gordon - $39.95

Zodiac is here! This beautiful deck of cards (25 cards) is a stunner! Top-quality linen finish. Lovely back design and colorful faces. The routine is a killer but you can use these cards for other routines; especially ESP style magic. Online video tutorial included. Effect: You lay three cards on...

Cardiographic Lite - Birthday Edition Trick
Cardiographic Lite - Birthday Edition
Trick by Martin Lewis - $69.95

Martin Lewis has done it again. And this time it’s for the children’s magician. If his famous Cardiographic Sketch Pad met up with the Look--Don’t See Principle, you’d get the Action Bunny Birthday Cardiographic Lite. Watch the video and you’ll see the potential for your kids birthday party shows....

B'Wave Deluxe Trick
B'Wave Deluxe
Trick by Max Maven - $19.95

B'wave Deluxe Eugene Burger called it “The best packet trick of the 20th century.” B’Wave Deluxe is a prediction of a thought-of picture card. Not only is the card they name face up, but it is the only card with a different colored back. And if that wasn’t enough, all the other cards are blank! For...

The Viper Wallet Trick
The Viper Wallet
Trick by Marchand de Trucs - $139.95

For years, the Viper Wallet was a product only available to a small group of elite mentalists. It’s innovative, undetectable peek became the stuff of legend in the mentalism world. Many performers searched for one of the handful of available wallets, but most were unable to attain one. That ends...

Thin Air DVD & props
Thin Air
DVD & props by EVM - $24.95

Are you tired of all the overproduced magic trailers? Meaningless street shots and paid actors with overexaggerated reactions? We are a group of young magicians who love direct and visual magic. Magic that people can understand and genuinely react to, even if they don't understand your language....

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