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At The Table - July 2019 Live lecture
At The Table - July 2019
Live lecture by Kyle Purnell and Seth Race - $9.95

First up this month we have Kyle Purnell, who is a unique force in the magic community, creating practical methods and engaging effects with the close-up in mind. His current creations have gained widespread distinction from some of the most well-respected names in magic. Kyle is the resident...

Hungarian Guessing Game AKA Gypsy Curse Trick
Hungarian Guessing Game AKA Gypsy Curse
Trick by Kaymar Magic and Peter Kane - $18.95

Peter Kane was a creative genius, responsible for many tricks and plots - including the classic 'Wild Card' routine. The Gypsy Curse (AKA the Hungarian Guessing Game) is Peter's definitive take on the plot. It's a stunning routine that starts as a simple 'con' and ends with a breath-taking...

DVD by Majestic and Kimoon Do - $39.95

"Artistic. Innovative. Visual. Elegant. These all describe the card magic of Kimoon Do." - John Guastaferro BRAVE is the official lecture DVD produced by Majestic. Witness the brilliant ideas of Kimoon Do that you can perform with just a deck of cards. Learn 12 card tricks with real-life...

Ryukapi DVD
DVD by Ryu Ka - $35.00

This is an omnibus collection DVD by Ryu-ka, who is Japan's leading young magician. It includes selected 4 card tricks, 3 coin tricks and one more. These will surprise and delight magicians all over the world. Ryu-ka is a master of coin tricks and has extremely outstanding ideas. His first DVD,...

Trick by Mickael Chatelain - $35.00

LIGHT is much more visual than a typical card trick. It has an amazing moment and a charming presentation. The effect: You take out a deck of playing cards which are shuffled, and they ARE shuffled by you or your spectator. Any card can be selected (no force) and the card can even be signed if you...

Surfboard Playing Cards Deck of cards
Surfboard Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Riffle Shuffle - $12.50

A beach in your pocket! The pristine beaches of Hawaii or Australia are just a click away thanks to the stunning new Surfboard Playing Cards. The first release from Kevin Yu’s Riffle Shuffle Creator Space, this deck of cards captures the pure excitement of a surfer among the waves through...

Trick by SMagic Productions - $39.95

From Smagic, we bring you THREE hyper-visual effects in ONE. Imagine that you remove a box of playing cards from your pocket, and then visually you change it right into an M&M's pack. No way, but true! You can split it into 2 pieces and then give your spectator a kicker ending. Break the...

Snackers Playing Cards (Strawberry Flavor) Deck of cards
Snackers Playing Cards (Strawberry Flavor)
Deck of cards by Riffle Shuffle and Organic Playing Cards - $12.50

Make snack time magical with the strawberry flavored Snackers Playing Cards. Every deck of cards comes in a resealable bag that not only looks like a packet of gummies but even smells like one too! You read that right. After receiving tons of requests from fans since releasing the Peelers V1,...

The Vault - No Touch Aces Magic download (video)
The Vault - No Touch Aces
Magic download (video) by Juan Tamariz - $5.00

An easy-to-do, hands-off Ace Assembly where the spectator does all of the magic! Four Aces are placed on the table, and a spectator selects ONE of the Aces. Three cards are placed on each Ace, forming 4 piles - each having an Ace and three other cards. Magically, all of the Aces magically travel...

Magicseen Magazine - July 2019 Magic download (ebook)
Magicseen Magazine - July 2019
Magic download (ebook) by Magicseen Magazine - $6.50

Here at Vanishing Inc., we have always sought to curate products which love. They must be unique, of a high quality and different. Magicseen Magazine is exactly that and we are thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership with them. Published in England, Magicseen is COMPLETELY different to any of...

My Jeans Trick
My Jeans
Trick by SMagic Productions - $35.00

Imagine performing magic with everything, including your jeans! Here's an effect that can fit your style, you can carry it everywhere, and perform for everyone - and it gets huge reactions! It super easy to learn, and you will fall in love with this effect. Everything has been premade for you, so...

Magic science Trick
Magic science
Trick by Hugo Valenzuela - $29.95

It's a trick with three effects in one!! Magic Science explains several attributes of science, through magic! A different approach and rarely seen before! Black holes, quantum entanglement and wormholes are explained by scientific principles, but enhanced by magic! The video speaks for itself!! See...

Crossfire Book Test Book
Crossfire Book Test
Book by Chris Philpott - $79.95

Crossfire: A Book Test with a twist! "This is the type of routine lay audiences love! Crossfire is mind reading with an incredible kicker that your audience won't see coming — but will never forget!" - Craig Karges "This is an excellent effect! Crossfire gives you a great surprise...

Avengers Spider-Man Neon Playing Cards Deck of cards
Avengers Spider-Man Neon Playing Cards
Deck of cards by JL Magic - $13.00

The collectable Avengers Spider-Man Neon Playing Cards are a completely remastered version of the original Avengers Spider-Man Playing Cards from JL Magic. With a striking neon glow aesthetic, these playing cards are perfectly suited for card magic, card games or just being prominently displayed in...

The Neat Review (Issue one) Book
The Neat Review (Issue one)
Book by Alex Hansford - $40.00

"The Neat Review" has landed. Exclusively through Vanishing Inc. It’s called a “journal”, but it’s really a book. An exquisite, beautiful perfect bound 192 page book with an embossed linen cover. What is "The Neat Review"? "The Neat Review" is unusual. Each edition...

The Davenport Story - Volume 4 Book
The Davenport Story - Volume 4
Book by Fergus Roy - $125.00

The final volume and climax of this universally acclaimed series. This is the amazing story of Will Goldston, one of the most influential magicians of the last century, gathered from thousands of documents acquired by the Davenport family in 1949. Further research has revealed a hitherto completely...

The Davenport Story - Volume 3 Book
The Davenport Story - Volume 3
Book by Fergus Roy - $125.00

The second volume of the Davenport family's story starts where it could have ended with World War II. Conscription, bombings, crippling shortages and the real threat of invasion all conspired to end the family's dreams of continuing with the business they loved. Dame Fortune chose one man to pull...

The Davenport Story - Volume 2 Book
The Davenport Story - Volume 2
Book by Fergus Roy - $125.00

The second volume, The Lost Legends, in The Davenport Story series unveils three hitherto unpublished works by eminent authors who were close personal friends of the family. These works were only recently discovered during research for this series. The first by Robert Harbin, 'Magic Marches On,'...

The Davenport Story - Volume 1 Book
The Davenport Story - Volume 1
Book by Fergus Roy - $125.00

Davenports reveal in spectacular detail, secrets gathered over 110 years as dealers, performers and hoarders of magical memorabilia. The first volume of 'The Davenport Story,' entitled, 'The Life and Times of a Magical Family, 1881-1939,' tells how Lewis Davenport, at the age of 16, founded his...

Sleeving System Trick
Sleeving System
Trick by Witness Kou - $45.00

"His technique is the best I've seen so far." Rocco Silano "It's the best I had ever seen" Daniel Garcia "It's definitely worth getting it if you are a sleever." Cyril "A must-have if you are serious about sleeving!"Henry Harrius Witness Kou has...

JuxtaPad Trick
Trick by Mark Mason and Alex Latorre - $45.00

Juxtapad is more than just a magic trick. It allows you to perform numerous effects. Imagine being able to make any word, any number, any picture or anything you like VANISH or APPEAR at will from a STICKY NOTE PAD. NO SPECIAL PENS, NO SPECIAL INKS. Juxtapad comes with several routines and ideas....

Anarchy Trick
Trick by Skymember Presents and Ryan Goh - $29.95

After years in the making, it has finally arrived! We are proud to introduce to you the fairest and strongest Triumph yet based on the works of Jon Racherbaumer - Anarchy: created by Ryan Goh, a rising star from Singapore. Imagine this: The audience FREELY selects a card, remembers it and signs it,...

Influence-Enza Magic download (ebook)
Magic download (ebook) by Michael Breggar - $20.00

Imagine you are a chicken. Oh, lucky you. You don't have to cluck like a chicken to get this collection of mentalism effects. Unique, twisted and methodologically easy, Michael Breggar veers from his monthly "Auto-Magic" column in The Linking Ring to bring you mentalism-y effects your...

Carl Crayden Fan Change Magic download (video)
Carl Crayden Fan Change
Magic download (video) by Carl Crayden - $7.95

If you love practicing moves, you'll love Carl Crayden's Fan Change. He has created a color change that is challenging but really fun to practice. Take a card, toss it in the air and when you catch it in a fan, it has changed into another card. The method is intelligent, and once you have got the...

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