The World's Best Easy Card Trick that Everyone Needs to Learn

Knowing at least one good basic magic trick is an essential life skill everyone should know. From being the best way to entertain friends and family, to serving as the perfect icebreaker and even boosting self-confidence, there are so many reasons to learn magic tricks. So, to help you get started, we’re going to show you how to learn the world’s best easy card trick.

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Having an easy magic trick in your back pocket is a guaranteed way to leave a lasting impression at your next dinner party or the next time you play your favorite card game (although you might want to wait until the poker game is over so you don’t get accused of learning how to cheat at cards). Some of the most popular card magic tricks ever can even be learned in less than 60 seconds.

...I thought the magician’s code was that magicians don’t share their secrets?

That’s actually a myth. We love teaching our secrets to aspiring magicians that want to use magic to entertain others. We have even put together a helpful guide to the best way to start learning magic for free.

What magicians don’t like though is exposure, which is essentially just sharing the secret to a magic trick with no intention of ever performing it. For example, videos on YouTube exposing the secrets to the magic tricks Shin Lim used to win America’s Got Talent.

These types of magic tricks revealed videos do nothing but devalue magic to just simple tricks. However, once you learn your first magic trick for free, you’ll realize magic is truly unique art. Magic tricks are not just brain teasers and riddles to challenge your friends and family with. Learning the secret to a magic trick is just one part of a greater whole.

Where Can I Learn Magic Tricks for Free?

The biggest problem is that most people don’t know where to start learning magic. They will often just head online and search “magic trick store near me” or “where can I buy magic tricks?” What they don’t realize is that there’s actually a ton of resources that show you how to learn magic tricks for free. No expensive magic props or complicated sleight of hand required.

In fact, Vanishing Inc. is the best place to learn magic online and become a magician today. We have tons of free magic lessons for kids and teens and adults. You are never too young or too old to start learning how to do magic.

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All you need to start learning card magic tricks is an ordinary deck of playing cards like Bicycle Playing Cards. These are the most popular playing cards in the world. They are the best playing cards for magic tricks and popular classic family card games.

So, probably already own a deck of Bicycle Playing Cards and won’t need to search where to buy playing cards. But, if you really want to impress your friends at your next poker game, you can grab one of these stylish custom decks of cards.

While learning magic tricks like Michael Carbonaro, or street magic like Dynamo, might take a bit more practice than the famous card magic trick you’re about to learn, you don’t need to be a professional magician like David Blaine to start learning easy magic tricks. In fact, magic is a great hobby for kids and adults. That’s why there are so many celebrities that are also magicians.

So, without further ado, get ready to learn….

The World’s Best Easy Card Trick

This is a cool card magic trick that’s part of a special magic genre called “mental magic”. Part easy card trick and part easy mentalism trick, it is one of the easiest and best beginner magic tricks. If you were to only ever learn one magic trick, this is the one you should learn.

Using a standard deck of cards that has been fairly shuffled, you are able to impossibly predict the future and guess the exact card that will be selected by a friend or volunteer. They’ll think you’re a true mind reader. A world famous mentalist like Derren Brown or Patrick Jane from the TV show The Mentalist.

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How it Works

You don’t need a trick deck of cards. This amazing card trick can be performed with any ordinary deck of playing cards. You can even borrow a shuffled deck during a poker game.

All you have to do to make this card trick work is make sure you get a glimpse of the card on the top of the deck. You can quickly just pick up the top card and peek at it before the trick begins. Or, even better, you can get a quick peek at it as you fan through the deck face up to show that all the playing cards are different.

By knowing exactly which card is on top of the deck, you’ll be able to execute a very simple card force known as the “Cut Deeper Force.” A card force is exactly what it sounds like. You’re forcing someone to choose a playing card that you know in advance. And the “Cut Deeper Force” is one of the easiest card forces a beginner magician can learn.

Learn the Best Card Trick in the World

  1. Once you know the top card—for example, the Ace of Spades or Queen of Hearts—write it down on a piece of paper without letting anyone see. Place it face down on the table or give it to someone to hold. (See the “Bonus Tips” below for more creative ways to make a prediction).

  2. Place the deck of cards face down on the table and instruct someone close to you to cut the deck about ¼ of the way down. They should then flip this pile of cards over sideways and place it back on top of the deck face up.

  3. Now, ask them, or another person, to cut a little deeper in the deck. They should cut about half of the deck this time and do the same thing, flipping the pile over and placing the cards face up back on top of the deck.

  4. Explain to your friends how they both made free choices and could have cut anywhere they’d like. Yet, they ultimately landed on one card. As you say this, push the face up cards to the side until you reach the first face-down card (the card you secretly already know). Remind them that, based on their decisions, this is the card they freely cut to.

  5. Tell them to pick up the card they landed on and show everyone else but you. Even though you know what card this is already, you must do your best job pretending like you don’t.

  6. Once everyone has had a chance to see the card, build up suspense as you reveal your prediction. Impossibly, you’ve just proven that you can see into the future. You knew all along what card they would choose.

Bonus Tips:

The secret to this magic trick can be learned in seconds. But, as noted earlier, there’s more to magic than just secrets. Magic is theater and entertainment. You should have fun when you perform magic tricks.

Since the secret to this magic trick doesn’t require much practice, you can instead spend your time working on your showmanship and presentation. Not many people take the time to learn magic like Harry Potter. So, your friends will be shocked and amazed by this card trick. But only if you take the time to build suspense and find unique ways to reveal your prediction.

Instead of writing a prediction, try texting it or emailing it to a friend. You could also record an Instagram story in which you reveal the playing card is frozen in a block of ice in your freezer. This is a card trick that professional magicians perform regularly because you are only limited by your own creativity.

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Free Magic Lessons and Free Magic Tricks

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