Blake Vogt

Blake is a creative force. Ever since his first download with us, you have come to know his innovative methods and out-of-the-box thinking. We are thrilled to be offering his latest creations for you to enjoy.
Acro Index Trick
Acro Index
Trick by Blake Vogt - $39.95

The Acro Index looks like a regular index card, but it allows you to do a fantastically visual change. Check out the trailer to see just one of the countless ideas that are possible with this gimmick. You display an index card with a large question mark on one side. On the other side, you...

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Fource Bag Trick
Fource Bag
Trick by Blake Vogt - $29.95

Blake Vogt is a creative force and his methods are always modern and innovative. “Fource Bag” is an update to the clear force bag and we think it’s the best one on the market. It is built into a zip lock bag (finally, a familiar object!), it packs flat and is so easy to use! Say goodbye to the...

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Six Outs Trick
Six Outs
Trick by Blake Vogt - $79.95

When Blake performed his routine with “Six Outs” at Magifest 2019, a packed room of hundreds of magicians audibly gasped. It seemed too impossible, almost as if it was stooged… but it wasn’t. “Six Outs” is a gimmick which allows you to reveal six totally different pieces of information on what...

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Envelock Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Blake Vogt - $34.95

Make any small object appear inside of a sealed envelope with “Envelock”. Blake Vogt is the go to consultant for many of the world’s top magicians. He’s amazingly creative and he always thinks outside of the box… or in this case, the envelope! On this video download, you will learn how to...

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Gypsy Tape Magic download (video)
Gypsy Tape
Magic download (video) by Blake Vogt - $19.95

In this video download, you are going to learn a modern and unique handling of the age old Gypsy Thread effect. Blake’s version uses… Scotch Tape! Piece by piece you rip off little strips of tape and stick them onto your fingers. At fingertips, you stick them all together and then, without any...

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