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Little Man Trick
Little Man
Trick by Paul Harris - $300.00

A LUMP OF CLAY COMES TO LIFE! You bring out a small gift bag and pull out a standard container of kid's clay. You peel off the lid, pull out a lump of clay and let your audience freely squish, pull and play with it. You then help the audience mold the clay into a little man (or woman!)...

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The Modern Con Man Book
The Modern Con Man
Book by Todd Robbins - $16.95

How to Get Something For NothingFor years, con men have gotten fat scamming unsuspecting marks for food, shelter, money and from time to time, even clothes, while the rest of us suffer our honest lives in the quiet desperation. Isn't it about time we got in on all the fun? In The Modern Con Man,...

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More Memory Man Magic download (video)
More Memory Man
Magic download (video) by Joel Givens - $10.00

“More Memory Man” is an extraordinary, full-length routine that can be performed with a borrowed, shuffled deck. You apparently memorize an entire deck, yet there is no real memory trick required. Instead, Joel has combined six diabolical and little-known methods: working ahead, forces, glimpses,...

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