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DVD by Philippe Bougard and Clément Kerstenne - $35.00

After the success of "F*#$ing coins" Clément Kerstenne and Philippe Bougard are back again ! The duo pushes rubber band magic to the extreme, adding other elements to their routines such as phones, rings, keys, lighters, pens, plasticine and even spaghetti ! In this...

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Joe Rindfleisch's Rubber Bands Accessory
Joe Rindfleisch's Rubber Bands
Accessory by Joe Rindfleisch - $15.00

Joe Rindfleisch's rubber bands are specially treated with Elastraflex which makes the bands stronger and less likely to break during performance. Bands are able to stretch further than normal bands and continue to stay shiny. These bands are smooth to the touch and don't feel like rubber as they...

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Banded DVD & props
DVD & props by Garrett Thomas - $70.00

Wow! You want to get fooled? Watch this trailer. GarretThomas created an instant classic with Ring Thing, and here’s why. It’s a trickwith something you can ALWAYS have on you, or borrow from ANYONE. And you do aVISUAL trick with it. Forget cards and half dollars…this is truly impromptumagic that...

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