Breather Jig

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Breather Jig

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Accessory by Eoin O'Hare ($150.00)

In stock (Order in the next 7 hours, 41 minutes and it will go out today!)
Breather Jig - magic

What is a Breather Jig we hear you ask? From our friend, Eoin O'Hare, this is the coolest card tool we have seen in a long time. It is a handcrafted tool which allows you to perfectly apply an offset breather crimp to any poker sized playing card.

The offset breather crimp is seldom used nowadays but it is one of the most diabolical methods in card magic. Imagine giving your spectator a deck (which can be fully examined), and having them take out any card that they want. They then return it and shuffle the deck as thoroughly as they want. They return the deck to you and you can immediately find the card and proceed with any routine you like. Or, perhaps you want to do a gambling demonstration wherein the four aces are lost into the deck before you find them, one by one.

Precision is everything here. With this tool, you have the ability to EASILY make your own Breather Decks which will equip you with a whole host of impossible effects.

Using Computer Aided Design (CAD), Eoin has created a device which is suitable for everyone. Whether you are left or right handed, the perfectly symmetrical design makes it effortless to use and the laser cut components, finished with machined edges guarantee perfect accuracy. Constructed from stainless steel with a mylar fence and a polyurethane rubber 'crimper', like all O'Hare products, this product will last for decades.


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  • John asks: Are there any directions that come with this device, or tips on how best to set it up? About how long does it take to create a breather deck once the jig is set up? Thanks, j

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The device comes with basic instructions.
    • 2. Tim answers: Got mine today easy to use takes me about 15 minutes per deck
    • 3. Alex answers: Instructions come with it. I recommend making a deck, shuffling a few times and putting it away in the box overnight. The next day, go over your breathers one more time. This deck will now last for many dozens of performances.
    • 4. Garry answers: Received mine today, i got it out of the box, without changing the set up, i made a breather on one card, and it worked straight away. Just insert your card as shown in the addvert, insert it long, press down with your thumbs and its all done for one card, and your ready to go, you can change the breather depth if you need to, just turn the small dial to acheive this.
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What you see is what you get. Using this, you can create a full deck of crimped cards. Combining this with a marked deck or triple will give you loads of options for seemingly impossible tricks. After having had this for only a few days, I have come up with numerous tricks/applications. An excellent product!



Breather Jig, it is brilliant, very well made, so easy to use, comes with an allumn key, so you can adjust it to your own depth that suits you, if you want to, unless you no which cards you have used this on, no one would suspect a thing, comes with written instructions, and a diagramme, plus a website address on instructions too, but it is obviouse on how to use it, once you see the Jig. Would of been nice if it came with a storage pouch,
Other than that it is great.

Breather Jig by Eoin O'Hare