Cardfolio and Pro Carrier combo

Accessory by Joshua Jay
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Cardfolio and Pro Carrier combo

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Accessory by Joshua Jay ($40.00)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.
Cardfolio and Pro Carrier combo - magic

The perfect way to carry your cards for both work and play. We've combined our two best-selling leather card carriers and put them together for one fantastic price.

Use your Cardfolio for every day usage. Throw it in your bag and be ready to take notes as soon as your next idea hits. Then, use your Pro Carrier at your next gig to keep your cards, coins and rubber bands in one convenient wallet.

This is a limited period offer - pick up our leather combo while stock lasts!


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I've been using the Pro Carrier since I bought it from Josh last year. It's a little beat up, so I decided to get a new one along with the new Cardfolio. I'm going to break down each one individually be cause they are very different products.

Pro Carrier: This is PERFECT for Summer Gigs. I don't have to put a bunch of stuff in pockets by just clipping this to my belt. I'm currently loading up my older one to just keep in my car for emergencies. It's so practical & easy to use. The best part is that is doesn't call attention to itself. Its look exactly like what it is. It also helps keep everything 'at your fingertips' so you don't have to dig through your pockets for your coins, or your favorite packet trick.

Cardfolio: This is great. I've thrown it in my book bag, or kept it in my jacket pocket while in a movie or on the train, & its perfect writing down & trying out that next great idea. It's also perfect in some situations where I can't bring my whole notebook. There are only two small negatives for me with this product, while many probably won't have a problem with them. First, unlike the Pro Carrier, which just fits in a jeans pocket, the Cardfolio is way to big to fit in a pair of jeans or shorts. So it's not extremely practical in summer time, going to the beach & such, unless you are bringing a bag or back pack of sorts. The other downside, it doesn't come with any extra pads of paper. For the price, two, or even one extra pad would have been nice.

That said I do still use it as a part of my everyday routine. Both are great tools, & I will continue to use them for many years to come!!!



Okay, yet another review, because the stuff here is that good!

I purchased the Pro Carrier for my son a couple of years back.
Honestly, I thought it wasn't my thing, until I saw his.
I ended up getting one for myself, and love the quirky little thing now.
First off, the quality is fantastic.
I've not been kind to it, and it still looks great.
I was a little gun shy at first, I didn't want some dorky fanny pack hanging off my belt.
Thank God that was not the case AT ALL.
The size is perfect for me.
I comfortably carry a deck of cards, a few spare cards, various coins, and other small magic items, without knowing it's there.
The Pro Carrier is very discreet, and for me does not get in the way at all, nor does it raise any eyebrows.
(I think it must be confused for an Android phone case, or other gizmo. )

I've not tried the Cardfolio yet, (it's on my wish list), but I love the Pro Carrier and recommend it fully.