Stripper Jig - Card Trimmer

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Stripper Jig - Card Trimmer

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Accessory by Eoin O'Hare ($600.00)

In stock (Order now — we'll send it first thing Tuesday morning)
Stripper Jig - Card Trimmer - magic

We are very excited to be able to exclusively sell this professional device: the Stripper Jig. The jig creates card gimmicks so perfectly undetectable that the consequences would be scary if they got into the hands of hustlers. If you have never seen a stripper deck made with a precision tool, the “work” is typically far finer than one would see in a mass-produced deck. There is simply no comparison to the mass produced stripper deck.

The Stripper Jig is a stainless steel and brass, modern rework of the antique, old style card trimmers that sell for tens of thousands of dollars at auction. It is very easy to use and is exceptionally well produced by top class tool makers. As well as short and narrow cards, this jig can cut many different variety of strippers such as side and end tapers and even concave and belly strippers. Adjustable settings control the playing card's location, enabling a variable depth of cut. Angled or straight cuts can produce a variety of gaffed cards/decks. The Stripper Jig holds Poker or Bridge size cards in either portrait or landscape position.

The clever design means that you will never need to worry about getting the cutting blade sharpened—as soon as you feel it is not cutting as well as it might you can simply replace it with another cheap, readily available, razor blade.

At $600, The Stripper Jig is not something to buy to satisfy your curiosity. If you don’t know about the various types of stripper mentioned above then it is probably not for you. It is, however, cheaper than other stripper cutting devices as well as more versatile. If you want to be able to make a variety of different stripped cards then it is well worth the investment. It really is the perfect solution for the serious professional. Obviously it isn't a cheap purchase, but it is something that we strongly believe should be in the home of every expert card magician.

Stripper Jig

"The Stripper Jig Card Trimmer is for the professional card expert, a revamped, practical playing card manipulator." Christian Engblom
"The Stripper Jig is a beautifully designed tool that will allow you to manufacture all the stripped cards your heart desires." Will Houstoun
"The Stripper Jig is an amazing work of art and by far the best card stripper I have ever used." Daniel Madison
"This precision device allows my cuts to be almost invisible to the untrained eye, and handles like a dream." Jeremy Hanrahan


Community questions about Stripper Jig - Card Trimmer

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  • 1.

    John asks: This is a one-card-at-a-time device, correct? Once set up correctly for a specific job, how long does it take to run through a deck of cards per long edge, say? Notes say you can create belly strippers, so is there a radius'ed edge that I don't see here, or what? Thanks! j

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Correct. One card at a time. Belly strippers are surprisingly easy to cut with this.
    • 2. David answers: Belly strippers easy..... oooohhh im saving up for this! :)
    • 3. Matthew answers: I would love to understand how this rigs up for belly strippers or are you just suggesting cutting only part of the card under the same method as seen in this video
    • 4. Richard answers: For belly strippers, you set up the rig to taper the card from the center to the corner of the long edge of each card. Each card will require two cuts on one long edge followed by two cuts on the other long edge. The jig must be reset before the cutting the second long edge. The reset is far too subject to human error for my taste. It's easy to get close, but my results, at least, fall short of commercially available products.
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  • 2.

    Larry asks: Hi can this cut negative strippers also Thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It can do negative strippers.
    • 2. Richard answers: The directions suggest the jig can "help" with cutting negative strippers. That help is minimal, limited to holding the card in place as you eyeball the necessary filing with the suggested tool.
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Customer reviews for Stripper Jig - Card Trimmer



I have always been intrigued by the jigs and machines that exist to alter playing cards. I was aware of a couple of contraptions which are phenomenally expensive and as a consequence, I never invested in one. When I saw the Stripper Jig, I was impressed on two counts. First, the compact nature of the jig- the size of a medium book. Second, the price. At $600, it stands at a fraction of the price of other comparable pieces of kit. That being said, it remains an investment and a worthy one it has so far proven to be!

Every detail has been considered. The packaging is beautiful but more importantly, the jig is so precisely made. Made of stainless steel and brass, I am confident that this will last longer than I will which further justifies my investing in it.

The fact that the blade is separate to the jig is a huge and cost saving advantage which is especially considerate given the amount of experimenting that I am sure to do with my jig. I can make many hundreds of decks without having to worry about wearing down an internally embedded blade. Instead, I can just pick up a pack of standard razor blades from my local craft or DIY store.

You are the only magic shop I have found that even thinks to stock something like this. I understand why; because so few people will appreciate, understand the benefit of, or invest in a product like this. However, if you are reading this and a contemplating buying the Stripper Jig, I'd give you the following conclusion:

If you have an interest in making incredibly precise custom card gimmicks, have an interest in the tools card cheats use or would like to invest in a tool that will send your creativity levels soaring, seriously consider this product.



I would agree with everything Harper suggests in his review above, with the following caveats:
The jig produces beautifully consistent edges as long as you are making but one cut on but one edge of each card. If you expect to produce the taper typical of commercial stripper decks, there's a bit too much wiggle room to produce a perfect product. In the best of all possible worlds, the edges of of a stripper deck with a card or cards turned face up (but not end for end) would align perfectly. Such is not the case, at least not easily, with this jig. Once one long edge of each card has been cut, the jig must be reset in the hopes of producing precisely the same cut on the other long edge. The precision necessary for this reset is beyond the capacity of this jig. I can get close, but my commercially produced decks are better. The same problem holds true for belly strippers.
Although the included directions provide for negative strippers, the jig does little more than hold the card in place as you manually carve out the necessary concave notch. Consistency from card to card is entirely dependent on your skill and patience, with all its attendant human limitations.
So I'd suggest that this jig does what it does very well — it just doesn't do as much with as much precision as I would have liked.

Stripper Jig - Card Trimmer by Eoin O'Hare