Mentalism Presentations

Book by Luca Volpe Productions and AM
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Mentalism Presentations

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Book by Luca Volpe Productions and AM ($59.95)

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Mentalism Presentations - magic
Mentalism Presentations Mentalism Presentations

An insightful exploration of one of the most overlooked components of mentalism. Mentalism Presentations was written to help mentalists create stronger presentations supported by meaningful justifications for the things we do.

"AM is a deep thinker and has a wonderful understanding of how our audiences think too. Lucky for us he shares his insights in this important book. Justification is an extremely useful tool in the creation of believable miracles and AM has crafted some really excellent ideas. There are loads of books about HOW to do what we do but very rare are the books that discuss WHY we do it! This is one of the rare ones and may even change how you think about mentalism." Marc Paul

Produced by Luca Volpe Productions, Mentalism Presentations by AM covers the important concepts many mentalists unfortunately overlook. He has filled the book with scripts and discussions that will hopefully help performers better justify their procedures.

All the material in this book can be used right away by any level of performer. Whether you're an experienced performer, you can definitely find presentations in here and customize it to your needs. Or, if you're starting out in mentalism, then this book will be a great way to understand the significance of presentations to help you become a better performer.

He explores the "why" and justifications such as:

  • WHY should the spectator write down their thought?
  • WHY do we touch the billet?
  • WHY do we need to tear the billet for a center tear?
  • WHY do we put the billet inside our peek wallet?
  • WHY do we go back to the wallet?

That's not all though.

Mentalism Presentations also looks at how to elevate presentations for classic methods like billet switches, nail writers, acidus novus and so much more. You'll learn how to make all your existing effects more entertaining and engaging.

For those who like to use playing cards in mentalism, there are scripts and ideas to create very clean, direct and powerful effects with no difficult sleight of hand required.

There's even an entire section dedicated to maximizing audience engagement for stage magic and parlor magic performers.

All this and more! Including bonus presentational ideas for effects like Double Cross, Invisible touch, SvenPads and PIN reveals. There's also an impromptu, self-working principle that allows iPhone users to create clean and direct effects like book tests, thought of card, star sign divinations, etc. No magic apps required!

Some of the Topics in Mentalism Presentations Include

  • Write it down
  • Billets
  • Billet Switches
  • Center Tear
  • The Swami
  • Peek Wallets
  • Playing Cards
  • Audience Engagement
  • Additional Presentational Ideas
  • Bonus: Failsafe

Customer reviews for Mentalism Presentations



On my first glance through this book I found 3 items that'll I'll use immediately. I'll reach for this book for the rest of my career. The thinking found within these pages will prove beneficial to any reader.



This is a must have book in mentalism ! Great ideas and thinking about presentation and plots.
You will not find new methods, but hey, we all know enough methods, what we need is great presentation and plots !
This is what you will get with this book, higly recommended :)
And icing on the cake ? Aazan is very kind and friendly, you can ask some questions about the book he will answer and explain ;)



For one effect we have different methods but not different presentations, this book really solved my issues as i only perform mentalism so i have so many products or props which provides information's so deceptively but the thing is did i have that many presentations, now i have, this book is for serious mentalists.Some presentations here helps in deep connection with the spectator which really let them believe in whats happening, i am posting this after performing a presentation named Pickpocket which really got amazing amazing reactions. I truly love Aazan's work, his thinking is wonderful.
I take these presentations as stories because if someone is hearing a story their brain lights up and gets stimulated in the exact same way in the same areas as the speakers brain, This experiment was done in Princeton University in 2010 by 3 Neuroscientists, so presentation creates a deep impact in spectator's mind, These are not just justified different presentations, i would rather say that you will have different experiences for your audience and thats what the goal of this one book.


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