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Pool Hustler's Handbook Chef Anton Book
Pool Hustler's Handbook Chef Anton
Book by Chef Anton - $20.00 $15.20 (SAVE $4.80)

Never pay for a drink again! Two-time U.S. Trick Shot Champion Chef Anton has assembled fifty of his best billiard brain teasers into a beautiful...

Pre Thoughts Book
Pre Thoughts
Book by Steve Banachek - $20.00 $15.20 (SAVE $4.80)

More than a set of lecture notes, this is a complete mentalism act from start to finish as used by Steve Shaw. Excerpts can be used as stand-alone in...

Proximity Effects Book
Proximity Effects
Book by Dee Christopher - $26.25 $19.95 (SAVE $6.30)

Dee Christopher presents 'Proximity Effects' a collection of effects and routines straight from the underground. Dee Christopher is making a name for...

PRR 2.0 Book
PRR 2.0
Book by Nefesch - $22.00 $16.72 (SAVE $5.28)

In 2008 Nefesch released a 3 set DVD. One of the best received effects in the set had the title P.R.R. (Palm reading revelation) 3 years later,...

PSI-Poker Book
Book by Ben Harris - $20.00

You've seen the raves on the internet, and read the reviews. Now available by DEMAND as a beautifully printed booklet to add to your library....

Psiuke Book
Book by Luca Volpe - $80.00 $60.80 (SAVE $19.20)

The book contains stage and close up routines included are new routines by Richard Osterlind and Luca Volpe, Dan Harlan, Kenton Knepper, David Thiel,...

Psychic Mafia Book
Psychic Mafia
Book by Zanadu - $28.95 $22.00 (SAVE $6.95)

by M. Lamar Keene as told to Allen Spraggett(a book in collaboration with William V. Rauscher)The discovery of the story Lamar Keene and his...

Psychokinesis: Moving Objects With The Mind Book
Psychokinesis: Moving Objects With The Mind
Book by Chazpro - $34.95

New, Direct from the publisher: Psychokinesis - Controlling Physical Objects with the Mind, a Magician's Guide to the Magical Movement of Objects....

Psychokinetic Times - Spanish Edition Book
Psychokinetic Times - Spanish Edition
Book by Banachek - $20.00 $15.20 (SAVE $4.80)

EffectBanachek's Psychokinetic Time (Tiempo Sicoquinetico) Trick. Do you remember the stunning magic effect that Master Magic Man David Blaine...

Psychokinetic Touches - German Edition Book
Psychokinetic Touches - German Edition
Book by Banachek - $20.00 $15.20 (SAVE $4.80)

Both Psychokinetic-Time and Psychokinetic-Touches are impromptu effects, they can be performed anytime, anywhere and under any circumstances. Both...

Publicity Stunts book Book
Publicity Stunts book
Book by Jon Jensen - $25.00 $19.00 (SAVE $6.00)

What Jon Jensen has written here goes far beyond other magic publicity manuels. As you will clearly see early on in the book, Jon makes it clea that...

Quartet 4 Book
Quartet 4
Book by Jack Kent Tillar - $16.70 $12.69 (SAVE $4.01)

UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL MENTALISM For the mentalist who wants to perform close-up mentalism at a high level, with almost no props and little...

Quick and Effective Cold Reading Book
Quick and Effective Cold Reading
Book by Richard Webster - $45.00 $34.20 (SAVE $10.80)

A complete text on how to give brief cold readings to anyone and astound them with your accuracy.THE CLASSIC BOOK ON COLD READING.When the first...

Quick Change Book Book
Quick Change Book
Book by Lex / Schoppenhauer Schoppi - $82.00 $62.32 (SAVE $19.68)

Now Back in PRINT!The FIRST and ORIGINAL English books to contain material on magic costume changes ever published in the WORLD were written in...

Quick Change Transformation Book
Quick Change Transformation
Book by Sos Petrosyan - $159.00 $120.84 (SAVE $38.16)

World famous Quick Change artists Sos & Victoria Petrosyan are performing their renowned. International Quick Change Show of lightning-fast...

Quickfire Book
Book by David Forrest - $20.00 $15.20 (SAVE $4.80)

'Quickfire' - Five 'Hit and Run' effects for the close up performer!Four quick, visual and impromptu card effects with an ordinary deck plus a...

Quietus Of Creativity Volume 1 Book
Quietus Of Creativity Volume 1
Book by Dean Montalbano - $23.00 $17.48 (SAVE $5.52)

How often do you hear an ad for a magic book say, "This one effect ALONE is worth the price of the book." Well, we could certainly say that several...

Quintet 5 Book
Quintet 5
Book by Jack Tillar - $50.00 $38.00 (SAVE $12.00)

5 Predictions For All Occasions - The Complete Collection Jack Kent Tillar continues his acclaimed series covering more than five decades in the...

R3 Book
Book by Bill Goldman - $20.00 $15.20 (SAVE $4.80)

Rene developed and refined this fantastic routine over the course of hundreds of performances. Each phase of the effect not only builds on the...

Ramsay Tasselled Rope Trick Book
Ramsay Tasselled Rope Trick
Book by Andrew Galloway - $27.00 $20.52 (SAVE $6.48)

Effect:A length of rope which has a red tassel on one end and and a blue tassel on the other, is cut and restored.This long lost Ramsay classic is a...

Rants 2 Book
Rants 2
Book by Kenton Knepper - $15.00 $11.40 (SAVE $3.60)

The much anticipated sequel to "Rants Into Raves" is finally here! Rants 2 is everything its predecessor was and more. When you are done reading this...

Reading Writing Book
Reading Writing
Book by Ariel Frailich - $55.00 $41.80 (SAVE $13.20)

There is nothing more powerful than a personalized reading.If you do readings for friends and colleagues, you'll become more popular and meet new...

Readings as Entertainment Book
Readings as Entertainment
Book by Richard Webster - $45.00 $34.20 (SAVE $10.80)

How to Make Money Providing Entertaining Readings for the Corporate MarketYou can enjoy a lucrative part-time or full-time career as an entertainer...

Repertoire Volume 1 Book
Repertoire Volume 1
Book by Ben Williams - $15.00

This is the first installment of my repertoire series. Repertoire is exactly what it sounds like, my working repertoire. These are the effects I use...

Restaurant Magic Reader Book
Restaurant Magic Reader
Book by Jim Sisti - $30.00 $22.80 (SAVE $7.20)

The Restaurant Magic Reader collects the many articles and essays that Jim Sisti has written over the last 20 years on the subject of restaurant...

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