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The Shift Book
The Shift
Book by Benjamin Earl - $50.00

Ben Earl (author of one of our most praised books, Less is More) is back with an entirely new book that is an equal mix of new effects and practical magic theory. Along with three full routines, and two new sleights, Ben teaches a series of "practice drills" that he uses to make his...

Blomberg Laboratories Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Blomberg Laboratories
Book by Andi Gladwin - From $55.00

Blomberg Laboratories is not as good as I had hoped it would be ... it's even better." Michael Weber Sweden's Tomas Blomberg is a revolutionary magic creator. He comibines mathematics, subtlety, gaffs, and sleight-of-hand to construct totally deceptive magic. In particular, his effects befuddle...

Psych-O-Matic Book
Book by Steve Wilson - $29.95

The Psych-O-Matic is a mentalism plot device with a devious secret. Create your own device to bestow psychic powers on an audience member. Two volunteers from the audience are invited onto the stage. Volunteer number one is asked to select a famous person from a pile of magazines sitting on a...

Astonishing Essays - Andi Gladwin Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Astonishing Essays - Andi Gladwin
Book by Andi Gladwin - $25.00

Andi Gladwin is a lifelong student of magic. In this Astonishing Essay, he passes on the lessons learned from two decades of studying the craft. He carefully demonstrates how magicians inadvertently limit their potential by not structuring how they learn magic: his approach is both methodical and...

Own Your Magic: A Magician's Guide to Protecting Your Intellectual Property Book
Own Your Magic: A Magician's Guide to Protecting Your Intellectual Property
Book by Sara Crasson - $35.00

If magic is your business, or if you are tired of seeing other performers copy the products of your hard work, it is worth considering what you can do to protect your intellectual property. In Own Your Magic, lawyer/magician Sara Crasson explains the benefits and limitations of patents, copyrights,...

Plots & Methods Book or download
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Plots & Methods
Book or download by Michal Kociolek - $25.00

Plots & Methods is the kind of booklet we love, because the creator spends time exploring some of his favorite creations, in depth. In this booklet, you will find five card routines — an impossible looking Sandwich (with a super sneaky follow-up), an unusual card at a number, a card to...

Rune's World Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Rune's World
Book by Joshua Jay - $60.00

Rune's World is a departure from any magic book you’ve read. Part instruction, part theory, part graphic novel, this new volume by Joshua Jay will challenge you to think in new ways, about new possibilities with your magic. Rune Klan is the most famous magician you’ve never heard of. ...

Beyond the Z Book
Beyond the Z
Book by Steve Reynolds - $25.00

"Steve's Bottom-Line is the most significant development to this shuffle since Herb Zarrow created it decades ago." Allan Ackerman Steve Reynolds is a bone fide master of the Zarrow Shuffle. Even Steve Forte said that his "approach, handling, and timing for the classic Zarrow...

Body Mentalism Book
Body Mentalism
Book by Juan Pablo Ibañez - $30.00

From the fertile mind of Juan Pablo Ibánez: "Body Mentalism" "Body Mentalism" is an in depth study of an ingenious principle. You'll find more than 16 extraordinary mentalism routines, using only spectators and almost no elements. These routines are powerful, practical and...

Gibecière Complete Set Book
Gibecière Complete Set
Book by Conjuring Art Research Center - $1049.00

Gibecière just might be the best-kept secret in magic. They have been quietly putting out full books on a quarterly basis. Each issue of this historical journal is a deep-dive into arcane subjects related to magic and magicians. And, without question, these books have moved the craft of magic...

Gibecière 28: A Ricky Jay Tribute Book
Gibecière 28: A Ricky Jay Tribute
Book by Conjuring Art Research Center - $39.95

Gibecière is a magic magazine that focuses on the scholarly, historical pursuit of magic, and the current issue (28, Summer 2019, Vol. 14, No. 2) is perhaps the most anticipated issue ever. This issue features a loving tribute to the late Ricky Jay, with contributions by David Roth, Michael Weber,...

Love Your Audience Book
Love Your Audience
Book by John Breeds - $29.95 NOW $22.76 (SAVE $7.19)

'Kids' Entertainment in Libraries & Community Halls" In 2008, John Breeds released his first book on entertaining children with magic and fun: How to Create Kids' Magic and Triple Your Income. Behind that intriguing title lay a blueprint for commercial success in this field. Immediately...

Maximum Entertainment 2.0: Expanded & Revised Book
Maximum Entertainment 2.0: Expanded & Revised
Book by Ken Weber - $39.95

Ken Weber has done something remarkable: he has written a modern classic. This site is NOT about hyperbole, so you won’t hear us mention this often. Many magic books—good magic books—will have their moment and then fade away. This book is here to stay. It’s an undisputed classic. And a success!...

Performing the Q&A Book
Performing the Q&A
Book by Gerry McCambridge - $99.95

"This book is your future, a textbook that could give you a successful lifetime career in mentalism." Banachek "Gerry McCambridge is one of the world's most successful mystery performers. His unique Q&A eminently qualifies him to author a definitive guide." Ross...

Book by Fenik - $99.95 NOW $75.96 (SAVE $23.99)

Finally, underground legend Fenik has released his material to the magic community. For over 20 years Fenik has had a reputation as a magician fooler. Taught by none other than Larry Jennings, Fenik is seen by many as heir to the Jennings' throne. His long-awaited book embodies the evolution from...

Stand Up Guy Book
Stand Up Guy
Book by Scott Alexander - $45.00

Can't make it to my lecture tour events this year? Then take me home with you in this brand new volume. This 82 page, perfect bound, glossy cover book has some of my favorite routines I will be teaching on the tour this year. You will get some new takes on some of my classic effects, plus some...

Mobile Mentalism Volume II Book
Mobile Mentalism Volume II
Book by Mark Strivings - $45.00

The dynamite follow-up to one of the most important new developments in modern mentalism. Continuing on the worldwide success of Mobile Mentalism, here's Volume II! Continuing one of the most important movements in mentalism in the last 30 years, this is Mobile Mentalism Volume II. Loaded to the...

Mobile Mentalism Book
Mobile Mentalism
Book by Mark Strivings - $40.00

Practical mentalism for the next millennium and beyond... If you perform close-up at all, you need this book... The book that started an entire movement in the world of magic and mentalism. Prior to this book, strolling and walk-around mentalism didn't even exist. Since then, it has become a...

Dream Book Book
Dream Book
Book by Tora Magic - $99.00 NOW $75.24 (SAVE $23.76)

This mysterious book makes you rich! Read a motivating story of how to become a millionaire. Show the book to be comprised of much writing. While reading, golden ideas of becoming rich come to your mind and the pages now show pictures of money instead of words! Soon, the power of your mind causes...

Isolation by Michael Murray Book
Isolation by Michael Murray
Book by Michael Murray - $69.95 NOW $53.16 (SAVE $16.79)

What is "Isolation"? Is "Isolation" a think of a card routine? "Isolation" is much more in depth than one routine. This book features a range of techniques and principles that allow you to identify a thought of card. You can adapt and customize the techniques inside to...

The Magician's Pocket Reference Book
The Magician's Pocket Reference
Book by Jorge Mena - From $22.95

Taking your next step on the journey to becoming a working magician can be made much easier with a road map to follow. One that guides you to: Develop your own unique act. Find your on-stage persona. Contact performance venues to develop your act and to perform for pay. Create promotional...

Barajas Magicas Serie Dorso Azul Book
Barajas Magicas Serie Dorso Azul
Book by Paginas Libros de Magia SRL - $25.00

ATENCION COLECCIONISTAS: ¡Edición limitada!Por fin, las barajas que tanto tiempo estábais esperando!Y no una, sino TRES BARAJASFantásticas barajas Fournier 505 con las caricaturas de los más importantes ilusionistas de la Historia, a todo color (bueno, quizás falte el fucsia anaranjado), dibujadas...

The Joy of Magic Book
The Joy of Magic
Book by Miguel Gómez - $80.00 NOW $60.80 (SAVE $19.20)

This book is an open door into the work and character of Miguel Gómez, one of Spain's most renowned magic stars. In its pages you will find a balanced collection of routines, sleights, and essays of the highest magical caliber. Those who have long thought that the magic of Miguel Gómez was...

Astonishing Essays - Robert E. Neale Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Astonishing Essays - Robert E. Neale
Book by Robert Neal - $25.00

The Trickster Spirit by Robert Neale. This volume is a challenging adventure about magic and death. At turns humorous and deeply insightful, Neale asks us to reconsider the magician's role in the world. Robert Neale is one of magic's most esteemed authors, and this is, we believe, one of his most...

Astonishing Essays - Lawrence Hass Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Astonishing Essays - Lawrence Hass
Book by Lawrence Hass - $25.00

In 2006, Dr. Lawrence Hass did the unthinkable. He left his job as a tenured Professor to pursue close-up magic as a full-time profession. Against the odds, his magic business is thriving, he is content in his work, and he is happy. “I’ve learned a lot through this life change, about myself...