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Come a Little Closer Book
Come a Little Closer
Book by John Derris - $29.95 $22.76 (SAVE $7.19)

A book of Magic Greats! Magic by Alex Elmsley, Jack Avis, Roy Walton, Bobby Bernard, Ted Danson, and John Derris. This book includes all the effects...

Compleat Invocation Book
Compleat Invocation
Book by Kaufman & Co. - $150.00 $114.00 (SAVE $36.00)

This long out-of-print classic, first published thirteen years ago in two volumes in a limited edition of 300, now reappears in a single 900 page...

Complete Don Alan Chop Cup book Book
Complete Don Alan Chop Cup book
Book by Don Alan - $15.00 $11.40 (SAVE $3.60)

This is a comprehensive depiction of Don Alan's theories, handling, and presentation of the Chop Cup. It's his way of doing it, not merely a...

Concertos For Pasteboard Book
Concertos For Pasteboard
Book by Multiple Performers - $35.00

Innovative Material from Roberto Giobbi, Pit Hartling, Magic Christian, Wittus Witt, Piet Forton, and many more! Concertos for Pasteboard features a...

Contact Mind Reading Expanded Book
Contact Mind Reading Expanded
Book by Dariel Fitzkee - $20.00 $15.20 (SAVE $4.80)

Fitzkee's Contact Mind Reading is considered one of the best books on this subject. Contact mind reading, sometimes also called, "Muscle Reading" or...

Corporate Illusions Made Easy Book
Corporate Illusions Made Easy
Book by JC Sum - $60.00

From the author of the best-selling, "Urban Illusions" and "Pack Flat Illusions for Kids & Family Shows" comes another specialty illusion book...

Full Metal Jacket Book
Full Metal Jacket
Book by JC Wagner - $30.00 $22.80 (SAVE $7.20)

Full Metal Jacket is a unique booklet from the creative minds of JC Wagner and up-and-coming magician Syd Segal. Beautifully illustrated by RFA...

Fun Magic Coloring Book (Blank) Book
Fun Magic Coloring Book (Blank)
Book by Fun Inc. - $6.20 $4.71 (SAVE $1.49)

This is a dummy coloring book, made up of entirely blank pages. Use it as a finish for the world famous Fun Magic Coloring book. Switch in this...

Garden Of The Strange Book
Garden Of The Strange
Book by Caleb Strange - $49.00

In 2003, Caleb Strange was asked to write a book: nearly four years in the making, The Garden of the Strange is the brilliant result.This...

Gibeciere Volume 2, Number 2 (Summer 2007) Book
Gibeciere Volume 2, Number 2 (Summer 2007)
Book by Conjuring Art Research Center - $75.00

In this issue we've made a brief departure from our usual style. In lieu of articles on various subjects, we've dedicated our current issue to the...

Gibeciere Volume 5 Book
Gibeciere Volume 5
Book by Conjuring Art Research Center - $39.95

Magic lovers rejoice! Due to the great efforts of our editor Stephen Minch the new issue of Gibecière (Winter 2010) is now off the press.This issue...

Glass Box Revisited Book Book
Glass Box Revisited Book
Book by Devin Knight - $50.00 $38.00 (SAVE $12.00)

This is the Glass Box Prediction on steroids! New and exciting techniques that take the original glass box far beyond anything you imagined possible....

Goodies Book
Book by Ed Meredith - $39.95 $30.36 (SAVE $9.59)

Goodies is a book filled with classic Karrell Fox Magic! Nine chapters contain real worker-friendly material for the stand-up performer. There is...

Great Magicians in Great Moments Book
Great Magicians in Great Moments
Book by Desfor - $75.00 $57.00 (SAVE $18.00)

For almost 50 years, Irving Desfor has captured the history of magic with his camera. His photos are the best! Here is your chance to catch a glimpse...

Handbook of Horror Book
Handbook of Horror
Book by Charles W. Cameron - $14.95 $11.36 (SAVE $3.59)

Handbook of Horror contains 12 Bizarre Magick effects, most of which can be performed with very little skill. Nevertheless, they pack a HUGE punch....

Harbin X 2 book Book
Harbin X 2 book
Book by Robert Harbin - $120.00 $91.20 (SAVE $28.80)

This two volume book set details the work, and the life of one of magic's most renowned artists, Robert Harbin. The set contains two hardbound 300...

Haunted Illusions Book
Haunted Illusions
Book by Paul Osborne - $52.50 $39.90 (SAVE $12.60)

Twenty-seven illusions for theme parks, haunted houses, walk-throughs, Halloween festivals and stage shows. Included is a foreword by Phillip Morris...

Helter Shelter Book
Helter Shelter
Book by Fire Cat Studios - James Robinson - $12.00

EffectJust in time for Halloween (2006), Bizzaro. The Optical Illusionist and Fire Cat Studios bring you the first resource book on the subject for...

Heptagon Book
Book by Patrick Redford - $40.00

Powerful Mentalism Performable Over the Phone or in Person! As part of a 5 comic book series, Heptagon (preceded By Triangle & followed by...

Herrmann The Magician Book
Herrmann The Magician
Book by Magico - $49.95 $37.96 (SAVE $11.99)

BACK IN PRINT! NEW EDITION Magico reprints "Herrmann the Magician - His Life; His Secrets" book. Includes an Introduction to the New Edition by...

Hold Out Miracles Book
Hold Out Miracles
Book by Meir Yedid Magic - $7.50

This is a manual on the Hold-Out, a secret device for vanishing, switching or producing items. This book shows many varieties of the Hold-Out, along...

Horus Book
Book by Luca Volpe - $30.00 $22.80 (SAVE $7.20)

The 'Horus' contains some of Luca Volpes best kept secrets from his professional repertoire. Mixing a blend of clever thinking and easy to do...

Houdini - The Untold Story Book
Houdini - The Untold Story
Book by Zanadu - $75.00 $57.00 (SAVE $18.00)

This Deluxe book is limited to 300 copies and each book is numbered. Biography of the great escape artist and vaudeville entertainer Harry Houdini....

Houdini Laid Bare Book
Houdini Laid Bare
Book by William Kalush - $95.00

The Secret Life of Houdini by William Kalush and Larry Sloman is perhaps the most controversial book ever written about Harry Houdini. Experts are...

Houdini On Magic Book
Houdini On Magic
Book by Harry Houdini - $15.95 $12.12 (SAVE $3.83)

Harry Houdini's fame is secure as the greatest magician of modern times. Many of his fabulous escapes, indeed, now sound more like legend than...

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