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Teaching Magic

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Book by Eugene Burger ($39.95)

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Teaching Magic - magic
Teaching Magic Teaching Magic

Eugene Burger was, in our opinion, magic's greatest teacher. It is such a thrill to see his legacy live on through this wonderful new volume, co-written by Larry Hass. Teaching Magic is a finely tuned blend of method and theory which guides you through the process Eugene used to develop his magic.

From the beginning of his illustrious career, Eugene Burger has demonstrated that performing magic is different from presenting a trick or a puzzle. It requires that we genuinely astonish people with an experience of the impossible.

But how can we learn to perform magic that meets this high standard? Who can teach us how to do so? In this book for students and teachers of magic, master magician Eugene Burger explores the path for learning how to perform magic that has exceptional impact on our audiences.

Reading the 182 pages of this hardback volume, you will be immersed into Eugene's philosophy - how to make magic as meaningful and impactful as possible. On the way, you will also learn 7 previously unpublished routines and get access to videos of Eugene performing many of them!

Hardcover: 6" x 9", 182 pages


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As a longtime student of Eugene Burger's, (since 1979), it's a thrill to read his thoughts on how to be a better magic student. What readers will especially enjoy, is that you'll be able to hear his mellow baritone voice as he "talks to you" in this final book that we wrote just before his unexpected death.

He discusses challenges that we all have as students of the art... such as pre-performance nervousness and how he overcame his; the importance of "good words" when presenting magic; and three phrases that magicians should never say when performing (something he and I discussed frequently as our pet peeve when watching other magicians). This book is especially good for any of you who struggle with mastering new material and getting it "performance ready." Burger's "formula" for doing this worked very well for him, for me, and his many, many students that he taught one-on-one and in small groups at the Mystery School in Las Vegas. I highly recommend "Teaching Magic" for fans of Eugene's and anyone who wants to learn a proven method to add new material to their repertoire.



Perhaps one of the best books published in the last few years--filled with Eugene's wisdom and always professional ideas. Stunning, new effects. Thoughtful and insightful. I usually share books with our oldest son, but in this case, after I'd read my copy, I bought another for him to have--the book is that useful.



I'm still halfway through the book, but I feel the urge to write this review. Reading Teaching Magic feels like having Eugene Burger next to you, supporting you and keeping you on track. You can feel his warmth and kindness, his pleasure in sharing and teaching. I'm not a professional magician (yet!), but if I ever become one it'll be thanks to the influence of Eugene Burger's writings and lectures.



I'm going to start off with the negative aspects of the book. They are not HUGE issues but may be significant to some, and I feel it is my duty as a student of the craft to provide an honest review of what I read. The book's title, "Teaching Magic" might be perceived as a slight misnomer. There are no real STEPS provided (a sort of curriculum, if you will). Instead, the book focuses mainly on making you a better student and a more efficient and understanding teacher and mentor. There are also a few minor spelling errors.

Now on to the rest!

"Teaching Magic" is chock full of advice and theory that will give you a far more heightened sense of how you should be perceiving your performances and their effect on your audiences. I really like how the theme of the book shifts between varying subjects (theory, effects, Q&A, etc.) so that your attention never strays from what is important and relevant. Eugene was one of the greatest magicians I ever met, but also one of the greatest people, and Larry Hass did a fantastic job with letting the book reflect that appropriately.

Highly recommended!

Teaching Magic by Eugene Burger