Magifest 2023

January 26 - 28 2023

Columbus, Ohio, USA


Magifest 2023

We are pleased to open registration for Magifest 2023. For more than three years we’ve been working toward a very, very, very special Guest of Honor, and now it’s confirmed. Our 2023 Guest of Honor is Lance Burton. Lance changed the landscape of magic in Las Vegas and all over the world. And now he’s coming to Magifest.

We’re so pleased to welcome you back for what promises to be the best Magifest we’ve ever organized. You’ll see more shows, more lectures, and more dealers than in previous years. All for the same low price of $275. That’s half the price of other conventions across the country. Remember, that early-bird pricing is only good until August 1st. Then it goes up to $350. So ... register now. We sell out every year, and every year we have to tell dozens of magicians that we’re at capacity and that they should have registered earlier. Please, secure your place while they are still available.

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Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay

Performers & Speakers

Lance Burton

Lance Burton

A FISM Grand Prix Winner, Lance Burton was named by MAGIC Magazine as one of the 100 most influential magicians alive. He headlined his own show at the Monte Carlo in an unprecedented production and contract, and his face became synonymous with magic for a generation. This is an opportunity to see Lance Burton in person, seated for a candid interview about his impressive career and material.

Margalit Fox

Margalit Fox

Margalit Fox: Former New York Times senior writer Margalit Fox tells the remarkable story of her latest book, The Confidence Men. Hear the true tale—little known, even to our community—of two P.O.W.'s who escaped from a remote World War I prison camp using … a Ouija board, mentalism and sleight of hand. The Washington Post and NPR named The Confidence Men one of the best books of the year. Margalit will be on hand after her talk to sign copies.

David Gerard

David Gerard

By day David works for a prestigious company in silicon valley, where he brings more than a decade of marketing and advertising experience. By night, he performs his polished mind reading show all over the country for high profile private and corporate clients. His show is filled with the kind of hard-hitting mentalism that has helped David rise to the top of his field.

Paul Gertner

Paul Gertner

A FISM winner, Paul has dominated the corporate magic scene for decades with such classic effects as "That’s Ridiculous," "Ring on Hourglass," and "Steel Cups and Balls." He will perform several of his classic effects for us, as well as new material in his first Magifest appearance in two decades.

Renaissance, Columbus Downtown

50 N 3rd St, Columbus, OH 43215, USA

Be sure to ask for the Magifest rate when booking a room. It's currently $112 (plus taxes) per night.

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Magifest 2023: What You'll See

Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll see:

Paul Gertner returns! Paul debuted many of his now-classic routines at Magifest in the early 1980s, and now he’s back with an all-new show and lecture. He will also perform several of his signature routines.

David Gerard Reads Minds! Every year we book a new talent that nobody in the industry is familiar with, and it often happens that this person steals the convention. Remember the name David Gerard, because his mentalism show is a fireworks display of mindreading. He works at breakneck speed with an act he has honed through thousands of performances around the country for high end private and corporate clients. This is going to be the hit of the convention.

Peter Turner causes a scene! On a rare trip to the United States, we’re showcasing a bold, new talent from the UK who will astound you both onstage and at our “bar” theater in the lobby, where he will hold court with fantastic thought-of card material, and mind reading feats unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

In addition, you can expect a full schedule to be published soon, with shows, lectures, and special sessions. Register now to avoid a sellout.

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2023 Workshops

Continue your Magifest through Sunday to join us for workshops with Denis Behr and Bernardo Sedlacek. Register below:

Bernardo Sedlacek (10am - 1pm)

Bernardo Sedlacek attended the last Magifest, and he caused a late night sensation with his unique approach to card magic. We simply had to have him back this year to give one of his heralded workshops. FISM Grand Prix Champion Pierric called the workshop, "a unique approach to card magic," and the legend Gaeton Bloom says, "He blew me away, over and over and over."

This intensive three-hour workshop begins with a mini-show, and then an explanation of every aspect of the show. Then you'll dive into more theoretical aspects of magic with Bernardo, who builds on a foundation of the Spanish School of magic, mixed with many other elements. You've never seen a card magician quite like Bernardo Sedlacek. His magic feels real, yet playful and engaging and always astounding. This is your chance to take your card magic to the next level and see a star-in-the-making. This three-hour workshop will sell out, and it's his only scheduled American workshop date. Reserve your place before it sells out.

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Denis Behr (2.30pm - 5.30pm)

One of our industry's most heralded technicians and performers, this is your opportunity to take a lesson that will raise your level with a pack of cards. Denis will teach some of his favorite effects, and he will also zoom in on some of the troublesome, basic sleights that give people headaches. This is your chance to perfect your double lift, hold smaller breaks, and make your magic smoother. You'll be able to ask Denis about the material and sleights YOU want to cover, and how Denis structures his formal close-up shows. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to sit with Denis, as he almost never makes US appearances.

This workshop lasts 3 hours and is $100.

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Limited space available. Register now!

Register now ($275)

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