Vanishing Inc. meets Mystery School

Breakthrough Magic
Vanishing Inc. meets Mystery School

Las Vegas, December 4-6 2020

Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay

Have you ever wished you could take your close up or parlor magic to the next level? Have you dreamed of focused study with some of the finest magicians and teachers in the world? Have you needed essential information to improve your shows beyond recognition?

Vanishing Inc. has teamed up with the world famous Magic & Mystery School. We are offering their famous approach to tuition of stage magic, but applying it to close up and parlour magic.

We're inviting you to spend two transformational days with some of the finest magicians and teachers in the industry. An intense focus on raising your magic—and your performances—to a new level. You will learn enough material to create a brand new show. Importantly, you'll leave with a deeper and more refined appreciation for the power of your own magic. The 2019 Breakthrough Magic event sold out in 24 hours!

Andi Gladwin Mystery School
Joshua Jay Mystery School
Jeff McBride
Dr. Larry Hass

The Magic & Mystery School has been organizing conferences and seminars for thirty years. They are the authority on serious magic instruction. For the first time ever, the faculty is teaming up with Vanishing Inc. Magic to present a new and exclusive way to explore close-up and parlor magic.

Breakthrough Magic guarantees you intense, hands on tuition from the best magic teachers in the world. You'll receive both group and one on one instruction on the intricacies of close-up and parlor magic.

On top of all that, we'll be giving you exclusive materials not available for sale or elsewhere. A “Breakthrough Magic” kit of more than $200 worth of merchandise.

If you're a seasoned pro, you'll learn how to take your act to the next level. If you're putting your first show together you'll receive everything needed to create world class magic. All from the finest teachers in our craft.

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What you'll receive

• No less than five pieces of parlor and close-up magic to incorporate into your show

• A Show Roadmap in which you and the facilitators will help design your ideal show, as well as actionable steps you can take to make the show happen

• A binder of materials so that what you learn and hear and see at “Breakthrough Magic” will remain with you forever

• The skills to tune up every piece you already perform

• You will have notes from our guest speakers, Jeff McBride, Dr. Larry Hass, Joshua Jay, and Andi Gladwin, tailored to YOU and your goals or material.

• Memories of surprise shows and late-night social events as you bond with your associates, facilitators and guest speakers

Digging even deeper

As alumni to the first Breakthrough Magic Conference can attest, it was an extremely special, cathartic experience. And this year's seminar is going to pick up exactly where we left off. This means that Breakthrough Magic Alumni will have much to enjoy as we continue our journey into developing a parlor act.

There's no need to have performing experience. You can bring a piece to share with the group, or elect to watch.

This two day seminar will be a packed, enriching experience. Come rested and prepared to enjoy magic from morning until late into the evening.

Be prepared to take part. You will make “Breakthrough Magic” a unique event through your questions and comments and participation in each segment. Be ready to transform your magic and to make the show of your dreams a reality.

Breakthrough Magic will be held in Las Vegas on December 5-6, 2020 (with a party on the evening of 4th) and costs $500 per space. You will be responsible for your own travel, meals, and accommodation. Immediately afterwards, the team will be attending MAGIC Live in Las Vegas.

Last year's session was such a success, we've decided to move this year's location to The Olive Grill, which some of you may know as the home of Jeff McBride's WONDERGROUND for the past 10 years. On our opening night, we'll all meet for a magical gathering at Jeff McBride's House of Mystery...but after that, sessions will take place at The Olive (3850 E Sunset Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89120).

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