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We have created a new way to experience and develop your magic

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Imagine spending three days in a wilderness paradise with some of the most accomplished magicians in the industry. Your day will be filled with group lessons, private sessions, shows, and lectures, all while being immersed in the lush tropical wonderland that is Costa Rica, with breaks to eat locally-sourced, healthy food. Sound too good to be true? What if we told you that The Retreat is limited to just thirty guests. We'd like YOU to be one. Come on an unforgettable journey to improve your magic, make new friends, and create memories that will last forever.

The Retreat will be held in Costa Rica, May 31st - June 2nd 2019

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The Retreat The Retreat

Why we're doing it

We, Andi and Josh, want to produce an event that digs deeper than the conventions we're used to attending. Quite simply, we have created exactly the kind of seminar we would want to be at, and learn from, and share with people.

We have said to each other many times in our own way, "I'd like to spend a couple days with magicians like Ben Earl, Rune Klan, Paul Vigil, and Dani DaOrtiz, away from the crowds." Now we will. We've developed a curated schedule of events that would be impossible at a convention, but it's perfect for an intimate workshop seminar. The Retreat is about connecting and learning with the best magicians in the world in order to improve your own magic.

And there's a fun element, too. We've always felt that the magic convention experience is so magic-focused that we often overlook what's around us. By setting The Retreat at a wellness retreat in Costa Rica, we will be SURE to enjoy the stunning surroundings as we enjoy the high-level conversations, shows, and lectures we have planned.

Costa Rica, May 31st - June 2nd 2019

Ben Earl, Rune Klan,
Paul Vigil, Dani DaOrtiz,
Andi Gladwin & Joshua Jay

What will we do?

Each day you'll be treated to hands-on seminars by our special guests, Dani DaOrtiz and Paul Vigil. In addition, we have some unbelievable "staff" talent. All together, you'll get three densely packed "sessions" each day, as well as surprise shows and events.

You'll also have an opportunity for private tuition each day, where you'll work with Dani and Paul and our staff on your show. Always wanted to learn a particular move? Learn it from the master. Hung up on a detail in your show? Ask the experts. You will have face time, one on one, with all of our talent.

And on each day, we have a "field trip" planned. There might be zip-lining. There could be waterfalls. A sloth might be involved. All events are optional, of course. If you're not into the more adventurous activities, take a nap, take a yoga class or a dip in the luxurious pool. As Dani would say, "It's your life."

Who's coming?

Dani DaOrtiz

One of the most transformative and engaging figures in magic today, Dani DaOrtiz has developed both an arsenal of EXTREMELY powerful material, and a theoretical worldview on magic that challenges many norms. We intend to dive deep into Dani's repertoire, how to develop a show, and the theories that govern his magic.

Paul Vigil

He's one of magic's most detail-oriented performers, and his approach to classics is thorough and fascinating. Paul will take us through the highlights of his repertoire, and share with us his creative process.

Ben Earl

Sleight-of-hand guru Ben Earl has done it all: a prime-time television series, fooling Penn & Teller, and the development of some of the most innovative palming and switching techniques ever devised with a pack of cards. Ben will be our magician-in-residence to host both events to improve your technique, as well as individual sessions to demonstrate or give private tuition to each attendee.

Rune Klan

Denmark's most famous magician is also one of the world's most creative. Rune has devised countless close-up miracles and numerous parlor pieces that are deceptive and hilarious. Rune is a creative force in magic and rarely appears at magic conferences. We're honored to have him with us for The Retreat.

Joshua Jay

Co-organizer Joshua Jay will be sharing two original hour-long events that he has never shared before. In "Orchid Effects" he will lay out a new way of looking at and developing routines-this is all about the connective tissue in your show. In the other, he will go into depth about the development of his current show, ​ Six Impossible Things,​ with candid detail on its failures, successes, and some original material from the show.

Andi Gladwin

Co-organizer Andi Gladwin will be featuring a brand new hour-long talk on how to supercharge your magic studies. You'll learn exactly how he researches magic to uncover only the very best published effects, which he will teach. Andi's second teach-in will contain his strongest six parlour tricks; enough for a full show. But most importantly, you'll have unparalleled access for three days to learn from this multi-talented magician, and to ask him anything you'd like. Want to know how to get booked for conventions, how to become a professional magician, or learn the intricacies of the Master Pushoff? Andi will be on hand to answer all.

What do you get?

Quite simply, you get an unforgettable three-days designed specifically to raise your level in magic. You will set goals when you arrive and our staff will work to make sure you achieve these goals, or are set on the right path to achieve them in time.

  • You will get PRIVATE lessons from our staff.
  • You will be treated to new and unpublished magic from our star guests.
  • You will be gifted a gorgeous "The Retreat Package," a take-home packet that summarizes and extends all the content you're learning. These souvenir booklets will forever act as reminders and refreshers to the content you're learning during The Retreat. These packets will NEVER be on sale. They're for our guests at The Retreat.

And, corny as it sounds, you're going to make new friends. The nature of this event is so radical, so niche, that if you join us, you'll be amongst a wonderful, sharing, and driven group of people serious about their magic and their fun. It will be a collection of curious souls with a desire to improve. There are wanderlusters amongst us in magic, and we intend to find you at The Retreat.


Where is it?

This is the best part. Just check out these photos.

The Pura Vida Spa is located in the most beautiful region of San Jose, Costa Rica. The resort is eco-chic, with spa facilities we plan to use between card magic sessions. Nearby we have all the fun spoils of nature, and you'll be coming with us on a surprise adventure each day.


How much does it cost?

$1,499 all in.

This price includes your airport transfer, hotel lodging, two meals each day, your Retreat packets and booklets, your three "adventures," and a surprise package. You just have to get your own flight to San Jose, Costa Rica, and we take care of the rest.

We also accept payments in 3 installments! We also can accommodate guests who wish to share a room for a modest discount on the registration. When you register, we'll contact you to personalize your registration with these options.

Secure your place for The Retreat early. We believe this event will have the power to shape your magic in a transformative way, and we're delighted to welcome you to this one-of-a-kind magical event. We are POSITIVE The Retreat will sell out, and due to the small nature of the event, we will not create a waiting list. There are no refunds or cancelations.

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Can I bring my wife
and seven kids?

We have no issue with you bringing your partner, but you should know that The Retreat schedule is pretty packed. You will be quite busy with us for the three days of The Retreat. A great suggestion is to coordinate with your partner or family to stay after or come early, as you're going to want to be present at all the surprises we have in store for you.

Can I ask a few questions?

Ask away! Receive a personal response from Andi or Josh on all questions about The Retreat by contacting us on our contact us page.