13th - 20th March 2025

The Retreat: Japan

Step into a world where ancient traditions blend seamlessly with cutting-edge innovation, where every corner holds a new wonder, and where magic comes to life in ways you've never imagined. Japan, a land of timeless beauty and boundless adventure, beckons you to explore its rich cultural tapestry and vibrant modern cities. This exclusive Retreat in March 2025 is not just a vacation; it's an extraordinary journey through Japan's enchanting landscapes, historical treasures, and mesmerizing artistry. From the bustling streets of Tokyo to the serene temples of Kyoto, each day promises a unique experience that will inspire and captivate. Whether you're witnessing a sumo training session, participating in a samurai workshop, or enjoying a magical cruise on Tokyo Bay, this is your chance to discover Japan like never before. Join us for this unforgettable adventure and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Tokyo Magic retreat

Day 1: Arrival in Tokyo

Kick off your adventure with a warm welcome to Tokyo, where you'll check in at the luxurious Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo. Nestled in a serene garden oasis amidst the bustling city, this hotel offers a perfect blend of traditional elegance and modern comfort. In the evening, gather with your fellow magicians for a delightful welcome dinner. This is your chance to meet and connect with your companions, setting the stage for the enchanting journey that lies ahead.

Japan retreat

Day 2: Explore Tokyo's Wonders

Your Tokyo adventure begins with a visit to Sensoji Temple, Tokyo’s oldest and most iconic temple. Immerse yourself in the spiritual atmosphere and explore the vibrant Nakamise shopping street. Next, head to the Asakusa Sumo Club for an exclusive look at sumo training, followed by a traditional Japanese lunch. In the afternoon, lose yourself in the mesmerizing digital art installations at TeamLab Planets, where interactive and immersive displays will captivate your senses. That night - we’ll have an exclusive performance and lecture by one of our guest performers that is guaranteed to astound.

Tenyo Magic

Day 3: Magic and Mystique in Tokyo

Delve into the heart of Tokyo's magic scene with a morning visit to the renowned Tenyo Magic Company, where you'll discover the secrets behind some of Japan’s most famous illusions. Enjoy a magical performance at a local Magic Bar, where close-up magic will leave you spellbound. Then, unwind at an Animal Café, where you can enjoy the whimsical company of adorable animals. Cap off the day with a Yakatabune Cruise, a traditional Japanese boat ride complete with a scenic dinner and enchanting views of Tokyo Bay.

Nikko magic

Day 4: Discover the Beauty of Nikko

Embark on a full-day excursion to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Nikko. Begin with the stunning Lake Chuzenji, surrounded by picturesque mountains. Take in the serene beauty and capture unforgettable photos. For lunch, dine at the historic Nikko Kanaya Hotel, renowned for its blend of Japanese and Western culinary traditions. After a day filled with natural beauty and cultural heritage, return to Tokyo in the evening, enriched by the tranquility and history of Nikko. To round off our evening - we’ll enjoy a one man show by one of Japan’s finest performers.

Magic Retreat in Japan

Day 5: Journey to Kyoto

Experience the speed and efficiency of Japan’s Shinkansen bullet train as you travel from Tokyo to Kyoto. Upon arrival, check in at the elegant Hotel Okura Kyoto, your luxurious home for the next few days. Begin your exploration of Kyoto with a visit to Fushimi Inari Taisha, famous for its thousands of vermilion torii gates. Wander through this sacred site and soak in its spiritual ambience. In the evening, enjoy a sumptuous dinner at Fortune Garden, offering a delightful fusion of traditional and contemporary cuisine.

Magic retreat

Day 6: Dive into Kyoto’s Rich Culture

Immerse yourself in Kyoto’s rich cultural heritage with a morning visit to Kiyomizu Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its stunning architecture and panoramic views. Participate in a thrilling Samurai Stuntman Workshop, where you'll learn the art of samurai combat from skilled professionals. Explore the Ninja Museum to uncover the secrets of Japan’s shadow warriors. In the evening, experience the grace and elegance of a traditional tea ceremony, accompanied by a geisha performance, offering a glimpse into Japan’s refined cultural traditions. We haven’t forgotten the magic - as a one-of-a-kind lecture awaits with some never-before-seen material just for The Retreat.

Magic Retreat with Vanishing Inc.

Day 7: Savor Kyoto’s Delights

Discover the art of sake-making with a morning tour of a traditional Sake Brewery. Learn about the brewing process and enjoy tasting sessions of this quintessential Japanese beverage. In the evening, indulge in a premium dining experience featuring Wagyu steak, renowned for its unparalleled flavor and tenderness. This incredible meal will be a culinary highlight of the trip, celebrating some of the best of Japanese cuisine - as we present The Trickies - magic’s most prestigious awards ceremony.

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Magic Retreat with Vanishing Inc.

An Optional Adventure: Hakone

For those looking for the ultimate way to end their Japanese adventure - join us as we spend two nights in Hakone. Hakone, a serene haven nestled in the heart of Japanese mountains, is a destination that promises an unforgettable blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and luxurious relaxation. This optional 2 night extension is not to be missed, offering a perfect escape into tranquility and opulence. Hakone’s allure lies in its stunning landscapes, where rolling hills and serene lakes set against the majestic backdrop of Mount Fuji create a picture-perfect scenery. Imagine soaking in the rejuvenating waters of an onsen (hot spring) at a luxury ryokan, an experience that epitomizes Japanese hospitality and elegance. These traditional inns provide an immersive encounter with Japan's refined aesthetic and tranquil lifestyle. At a luxury ryokan, you’ll be treated to meticulously prepared meals, featuring seasonal and local delicacies that are as visually stunning as they are delicious. Each room, elegantly appointed, offers a serene retreat where you can unwind in utmost comfort.

IMPORTANT HAKONE TRAVEL INFO: If you are joining us for the Hakone add on - we will be in contact directly regarding flight bookings and recommended travel times. Please do not make travel bookings until we have reached out with all the details.

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Magic Bar Tokyo

Magic of Japan

Perhaps the most alluring feature of The Retreat: Japan is our roster of sensational talent. While we usually hire magicians to bring along on the trip, Japan is itself, one of the world’s finest and most diverse magic cultures. We are therefore featuring an entirely Japanese roster of talent. You may not have heard of all these performers, but we can assure you that you will never forget them and their unique style of magic. We’ll feature a “Japanese Bar Magic” night, with some of Japan’s finest close-up bar magicians, performing in the style they introduced to the world. We’ll feature a coin magician who does things unlike anyone you’ve ever seen, and a Japanese legend that you must come to Japan to see in person.

Japan retreat hotel
Japan retreat hotel

Luxury Hotels - Travel in Style

During our magical journey through Japan, you'll be staying at some of the top accommodations the country has to offer.

Your adventure begins at the Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, an oasis of tranquility nestled in the heart of the bustling metropolis. Renowned for its historic Japanese garden and impeccable service, this five-star hotel offers an extraordinary blend of traditional elegance and modern amenities. Each room is a sanctuary of comfort, featuring plush bedding, exquisite décor, and stunning views of the verdant surroundings. After a day of exploring Tokyo, unwind in the hotel’s renowned spa, indulge in gourmet dining, or simply relax in the serene garden, where you can reflect on the day’s magical experiences.

In Kyoto, our home will be the prestigious Hotel Okura Kyoto, a symbol of luxury and sophistication. This iconic hotel combines classical charm with contemporary facilities, providing an exceptional base from which to explore the cultural treasures of Kyoto. The spacious rooms are elegantly appointed with meticulous attention to detail, offering breathtaking views of the city and the surrounding mountains. Dining at Hotel Okura Kyoto is a culinary delight, with world-class restaurants serving a variety of exquisite Japanese and international cuisine. The hotel’s prime location allows easy access to Kyoto’s most famous landmarks, ensuring that your stay is both comfortable and convenient.

Magic retreat

Photos Provided

Everyone wishes they had a photographer on hand to catch the most memorable moments of your trip but nobody likes the hassle of doing it. We’ll have a photographer on hand for all the excursions and the magic events so that each of you leaves with a collection of professional-grade moments from your trip. There is, of course, no charge for this feature. It’s included in your package.

Price and Package

Total Price Deposit Instalments
$12,990 USD $2,165 USD 5 x instalments of $2,165 USD
$17,990 USD $2,998.33 USD 5 x instalments of $2,998.33 USD
$15,480 USD $2,580 USD 5 x instalments of $2,580 USD
$22,970 USD $3,828.33 USD 5 x instalments of $3,828.33 USD

Instalments will be collected on or around:
July 1, 2024 / September 1, 2024 / November 1, 2024 / January 1, 2025 / March 1, 2025

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The Retreat Japan FAQs

  • Tokyo
    • Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo: 4 nights luxurious accommodation with a historic Japanese garden.
    • Sensoji Temple: Tokyo’s oldest and most iconic temple.
    • Asakuso Sumo Club: Exclusive sumo training session and lunch.
    • Teamlab Planets: Immersive digital art museum.
    • Tenyo Magic Company: Visit to the renowned magic company.
    • Magic Bar: Intimate magic performances.
    • Animal CafĂ©: Whimsically-themed cafĂ© experience.
    • Yakatabune Cruise: Traditional Japanese dinner cruise on Tokyo Bay.
  • Nikko (Day Trip)
    • Nikko: UNESCO World Heritage site.
    • Lake Chuzenji: Scenic lake views.
    • Nikko Kanaya Hotel: Historic hotel lunch.
  • Kyoto
    • Hotel Okura Kyoto: 3 nights of luxurious accommodation in the heart of Kyoto.
    • Fushimi Inari Taisha: Shrine with thousands of vermilion torii gates.
    • Fortune Garden: Elegant dinner in a beautiful setting.
    • Kiyomizu Temple: UNESCO World Heritage Site with panoramic views.
    • Samurai Stuntman Workshop: Interactive samurai combat experience.
    • Ninja Museum: Exploration of ninja history and skills.
    • Geisha & Tea Ceremony: Traditional tea ceremony with geisha performance.
    • Sake Brewery Tour: Insight into sake-making and tasting sessions.
    • Wagyu Steak Dinner: Premium dining experience featuring Japanese wagyu beef.
  • Transportation to all attractions, events, shows, and tours.
  • Bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto.
  • Expert guides throughout our stay.
  • Cultural magic immersion.
  • Plus some very secret surprises.

You are responsible for international flights to Japan, some meals or drinks not specified in the program, and gratuities for guides and drivers. We always recommend travel insurance for our guests.

*All itinerary elements are subject to change. Depending on applicable government approvals in place at the time, events may be substituted for other activities.

We recommend arriving on 13th March 2025. The first event kicks off that evening.

Tokyo has two international airports; Haneda and Narita. Haneda is the closest airport to our hotel in Tokyo. For departure - Osaka is the closest international airport to Kyoto (1 hour train ride). Alternatively - you can take the train back to Tokyo (3 hour train ride) - and fly out of Haneda / Narita.