Our Plans for The Session 2021

We have been carefully monitoring the news both here in the UK and also around the globe and the time has come: it's time to think about The Session. We’re so pleased to announce that the Session 2021 will take place this year, but later than originally scheduled: October 1-3, 2021, in Heathrow, UK. By that time, we will have been apart for far too long, and we recognize that magic and camaraderie are an essential part of our lives. We can't wait to see you again, and to share with you the magic of Mike Caveney and Tina Lenert, our Guests of Honour, as well as events with Guy Hollingworth, Mario Lopez, Christian Grace, Caroline Ravn, Tobias Dostal, and more.

We've put tremendous effort into taking every precaution for your safety and enjoyment, so let's explore what The Session 2021 will look like.

The Session Returns

We must state again that our biggest concern is YOUR safety and comfort. COVID-19 related news and regulations are changing every day--and the UK government have strict guidelines on how and when people can assemble. The government have announced plans for smaller events to be trialed in October 2020 and so we are cautiously optimistic that by October 2021, medium-sized groups will be congregating again.

We’re also hopeful for widespread access to a vaccine by the time our convention occurs. Our plans are based on the evidence available to us now, but of course we'll evolve our plans with new information.

We’ve come to realize that the Session plays an important role for so many people (including us). We know that for magicians in the UK, Europe, and beyond, The Session is the place to share new ideas, new products, and debut new routines. We miss that. We can't wait for it again in October.

The Changes

For starters, you have a choice. Do you wish to attend in person or online? When you register you can decide whether you prefer to attend in person or to enjoy the convention by streaming it from home. All events: the shows, lectures, short-talks will be viewable online. You’ll even be able to hang out in virtual jam sessions with other online viewers, and we (Andi and Josh) will be engaging directly with online viewers to feature interviews with performers and attendees throughout the weekend.

You’ll have until May 1st to commit to attending live or online. ALL registrants, online and live, will also receive a streaming video package with the footage of the entire schedule. In a sense, this is a tremendous feature that no convention has ever offered before, and it’s free of charge.

Here are some measures we’re taking at The Session for your safety:

Cleanings, and Sanitiser Stations: The Park Inn Hotel will provide sanitation stations and frequent cleanings to railings, chairs, doors, bathrooms, and public areas around the clock.

More Long-Form Shows: This year the focus will be on close-up and parlor magic, and one-person shows.

The Talent

By making some changes to the format, we've been able to focus on performers who can offer long-form entertainment, or brand new lectures.

We're thrilled to welcome Mario Lopez to The Session. He will make his debut and offer a new lecture for us, filled with the sort of zany magic he's become famous for.

Tobias Dostal is famous for his wildly original marketing effects. But you've never seen him lecture before. That changes at the Session 2021, where he will be sharing all sorts of impromptu and build-it-yourself magic.

Caroline Ravn is an expert on social media marketing and magic, and she'll deliver a talk to help you bolster your social media presence.

Guy Hollingworth is a living legend and former Guest of Honour, and he returns to The Session stage to deliver an all-new lecture of material.

Harry De Cruz's fringe show BLEW US AWAY. We're so pleased for you to see it live.

Michael Vincent is a poet with a deck of cards, and we're thrilled for his bespoke presentation on card magic, which he'll debut for us.

Christian Grace had a smash hit with "Level One." But there's much more to this creative force, as you'll see in his debut Session lecture.

Andy Frost is known on Instagram as SleightlyObsessed. He's one of the most gifted technicians of his generation, and he'll share his sleight-of-hand wizardry with us.

Guests of Honour

For the first time in our history we will be awarding our Guest of Honour Achievement Award to TWO magicians: the husband and wife team of Mike Caveney and Tina Lenert. The two have spent their lives innovating in magic, and each of their acts is iconic and, now, the stuff of legends. Tina's "Mop Man" act is a perfect combination of mime, magic, and theatrics. Caveney's coffee opener is, for us, the most perfect opening a show can have. We simply can't wait for you to see their acts and their lectures.

Staying Flexible

This is the plan...for now. Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. We're confident that we can all gather safely in October, but in the event of a surge or outbreak, or a delay in the vaccine development, we’ll smoothly and calmly transition to an online-only model, where registrants will still enjoy all the events we have planned...from the comfort of home. We view this as an unlikely scenario, but one we’re prepared to accept in the interest of your safety. In the event of restrictions to the number of guests we're allowed to host, we'll be issuing live tickets in the order that the registration was made.

Here's to gathering together in the UK in October, and to FINALLY sharing magic in person once again.


Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin
The Session Organisers

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