The Session 2025 scholarships

10 - 12 January 2025

Scholarships for Young Magicians

Young magicians

We LOVE helping young magicians. It's one of our core values at Vanishing Inc. And we've had tremendous success with our youth program at our event, Magifest. Now we're bringing it to the UK. This means that if you're a magician 18 or younger by the convention dates (10 - 12 January 2025), you can apply below.

Our thinking is this: EVERY young magician who wishes to improve and learn about the craft should have an opportunity to do so, regardless of their financial position. So we're granting this group of young magicians the chance to do just that. We realise that The Session is a life-changing experience to learn from some of the finest magicians in the world, and we want to share that with the UK's most enthusiastic young magicians.

• Recipients will receive a full scholarship for themselves and one parent (note: for legal reasons the guardian MUST be a relative) to attend the The Session for FREE.

• You must be under eighteen on January 1st 2024 to apply.

• Closing date for applications is December 15th 2023. Applications after that date cannot be accepted.

How to apply for a scholarship

To secure a scholarship for you and one parent, you must perform a free show to a non-profit in your area. This could be a church or youth centre or charity ... get creative! Photo evidence of your show and some sort of letter on behalf of the charity acknowledging your work below and then we'll let you know whether your scholarship has been accepted!

Contribute to our youth fund

Our youth scholarship is jointly sponsored by Vanishing Inc. Magic and our customers. If you feel as though you are able to help contribute, please email us.