Magic download (video) by Dave Forrest
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Magic download (video) by Dave Forrest ($12.00)

You remove the deck from its case and have a spectator freely choose any card - no force - and sign it across the face. You then place the card case into your pocket before losing the signed card back into the centre of the deck. With a snap of your fingers you claim that you have made the card jump to your pocket and appear inside the card case! Your audience doesn't believe you! But, with an obviously empty hand you reach into your pocket and produce...THE DECK! The spectator turns his attention back to your other hand, where the deck was just a moment ago, and finds...THE CARD CASE! You slowly open the card case and inside is the spectators signed selection!

  • No sleight of hand - 100% self working!
  • No force, or control
  • Uses a signed card
  • Only one, regular deck is used
  • Makes for a perfect opener

This professionally produced download also includes a great bonus effect, "The VCC."

Running time: 27 minutes, 2 seconds.


Customer reviews for BOXFLIP

Luis Downing

Dave makes great magic! Box flip is another winner!