Magic download (video) by Chris Mayhew
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Magic download (video) by Chris Mayhew ($10.00)

Chris Mayhew is back with another fantastic download.

We first saw Chris perform this amazing Any Card at Any Number at The Session 2010 where he fooled a room full of 100 magicians. Nobody had a clue how this clever routine worked and it became the hit of the convention.

It's DEVILISHLY CLEVER, easy to learn, uses a normal deck, there's no memorized deck work and no difficult sleights so hopefully you can see why we are particularly excited about this great card effect! Download it now.

Running time: 35 minutes, 10 seconds.


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If I was John Bannon, I'd be really bummed that I didn't think of this fantastic routine- but I'm not- so I'm good to go!

What a great trick!

-Jack Carpenter



Hello Everyone!! Back with another review for you all. Chris Mayhew's CAANDY and trust me it rocks. Vanishing Inc have pumped out another Miracle.

Chris Mayhew

Price: $10

Where At?

What They Say: Chris Mayhew is back with another fantastic download.

We first saw Chris perform this amazing Any Card at Any Number at The Session 2010 where he fooled a room full of 100 magicians. Nobody had a clue how this clever routine worked and it became the hit of the convention.

It's DEVILISHLY CLEVER, easy to learn, uses a normal deck, there's no memorized deck work and no difficult sleights so hopefully you can see why we are particularly excited about this great card effect! Download it now.

(Yup Its Pretty Much That Cool)

Thoughts: Pure Awesomeness on a stick with marshmallows. Im a fan of Chris's work and the ACAAN plot seeing that they both were together I had to get CAANDY. If you havent watched the preview watch it the effect is clean and simple. There is no hard memory work and other the last few days I have performed it for magicians and laymen alike getting awesome reactions and the deck is completely normal!!

Teaching: As Chris usually is he is very precise but very laid back he is easy to relate to and overall a really funny guy so he has his random off beat moments. Everything is gone over in detail and it is really really simple to learn. Chris is a great teacher.

Applications: The concept behind this with some thinking could have multiple applications you just need to use your imagination and it is really easy!

Quality: Quality is great. Easy to learn from and even 2 extra videos at the end with Chris going over a few more touches additions.

Definitely my favourite ACAAN to date and so *** easy!!

The creativity behind it is excellent its so much fun to perform and it is DEVILISHLY easy.

I absolutely recommend you pick this up if anything put this right at the top of your list I'm 100% sure you wont be dissapointed!!

Enjoy it all and keep performing.


(Yes on the page Chris is trying to look like Mario I wouldnt mind my own Mario hat actually)



Seriously creative effect. If you're an ACAAN junky, as I am, this is one of the best out there.




subtly thought... brilliant ! indispensable !
this will certainly be the only ACAAN version i will use (after more than 15 years of learning card magic/mentalism)
10 $ ? i really can not imagine that anyone misses it !?
bravo Chris !
and thanks Vanishing for continuing to work in the direction they've chosen : QUALITY
Bruno (France)



Really enjoy the effect, started to work on it last night. I was not familiar with the deck set up, so took me a few minutes to get there. I then watch the download sequence, without the cards, just to absorb it. i only stated this morning performing it and got it on the second trial, so practicing it will make it bullet proof. I will not carry it in bars yet as i get requested by friend for trick after a few drinks... I just may get sloppy..
Overall well done,
note: As a TV Producer, i see where the video recording could be done in more professional way.



Very interesting trick. you have a very special humor.



I like the trick, but the teaching is wretched. He spends way too much time discussing what is simple and obvious and then glosses over what is complicated. I can appreciate his humour but it is very distracting and breaks up your train of thought in trying to learn this effect. I can only hope that poor editing is to blame for the fiasco where he explains the entire trick from beginning to end only to switch the calculations near the end as though he began with a different start to what actually occurred. I'm not impressed with the poor quality of instruction. This seems to be a relatively easy trick to perform given proper instruction, but instead I'm having to piece it together myself based on my understanding of what should happen. This will be my last download unless my concerns are addressed as others seem to be having the same problem with other tricks. Fix this problem and I'll be happy



As a relatively novice magician, I was never aware of any CAAN effects until I came across this and purchased it.

This effect has honestly become one of my favorite card tricks to perform. What I love about it is the sheer
impossibility of the outcome of the trick. Think about it: You show a spectator a mixed-up pack of cards, have them
choose any number between 1 and 50, have them place an 'arrow' card anywhere they wish in the spread of cards, and
give them the opportunity to both rotate the arrow card and swap the final two cards. In the spectator's eyes, their choices
are completely free, which they are in fact.

The trick is so straightforward and clear, and a bare minimum of sleight of hand is required. Actually, I wouldn't even say that there are any sleights required, with the exception of one that that happens literally under the spectator's nose, without looking like any type of sleight of hand. There is nothing to hide with CAANDY.

I give this a very high recommendation..the only bad thing that I can say about this is the video. Although Chris is hysterical and entertaining, a few key points may not be given the attention they deserve. You may have to re-play portions of the video to catch what's being taught. But nevertheless, the effect is taught in its entirety.

I give this a high recommendation! (But don't buy it, because I consider this a kind of hidden secret of my own, and convince myself that nobody else performs this...)



I got this a while ago, looked once and for some reason shrugged my shoulders. I just revisited it as I want to include an ACAAN in my set. I have spent the last weeks researching a couple of dozen approaches - and this is my all-out favourite. Clean - ingenious - simple - effective. It's not strictly "ACAAN" - more "AACAAN": Arrived At Card At Any Number, but it is very practical.
I'd also add that it is one of the funniest downloads I have in my extensive collection - some of his bits are surreal and hilarious. Possibly worth the price just for the explanation.
So: maybe not quite the final solution to ACAAN, but very close, and certainly useable.



Well, the explanation of this trick is amazing, his no-sense humor makes the video so likable to watch ahahahah
Anyway, talking about the trick, it is fantastic, brilliant and the price is totally ridiculous because I saw worse tricks with a HIGHER price.

So my feedback is totally solid and positive and 10$ is an amazing price!



The concept is clever and is not limited to just any card at any number.

One of my favorite applications is to spell to the card with the spectators name.

This was well worth the price.



Loved the effect. A very practical and effective ACAAN. I came here after performing it for so many people and I got great reactions everytime.


BGG Reviewer

SUMMARY: A creative, clever, and uncomplicated Any Card At Any Number


I've always been interested in learning an Any Card At Any Number routine, because it's a very powerful effect that seems truly impossible. However many of these routines rely on real skill with sleight of hand. And so a big shout out to Chris Mayhew, who has come up with a very clever method that accomplishes this amazing effect in way that relies more on an ingenious method rather than on the usual card sleights. It has real potential to blow away lay-people, and is a very good magician fooler as well! Despite the amazing outcome, absolutely no gimmicks are used whatsoever - and once you've seen the demo, you may find that hard to believe given how strong this effect is!


?The spectator can freely select any number from 1 through 50. Then, to determine a truly random card, they freely select a place in the middle of the deck, with the card on one side representing the suit and the card on the other side representing the value. Then the spectator himself counts down to the number they chose, and amazingly, the card at that number is the chosen card! Yes, really!


What you get for around $10 is an instant digital download of the video which teaches the effect. The video is a 35 minutes file of only 75 MB. The first five minutes features Chris demonstrating the effect to a spectator, and the remaining half hour consists of the explanation, which is divided into sections that move through stages of the routine. The relatively small file size does mean that the video is not super high quality resolution, but since the trick doesn't rely on sleights as much as it does on a clever method, everything is easy to follow. The footage is not spectacular, but it's decent enough and serves the purpose just fine. At times the camera shows Chris, and other times it zooms in on his close-up mat or on the cards themselves. The volume was a little soft in my headphones, but aside from that, no real complaints about the video quality as such.


?The only downside of Chris Mayhew's style is that he can be a little long-winded at times, and that's what accounts for this video being as long as it is. On the other hand, this can also be a positive, because he covers everything thoroughly, and there are parts that you can even skip over. At one point, for example, he covers how to set up the deck, and many magicians may already be familiar with how to do this, in which case you could skip over that part. The video is also very clearly divided into different sections, with sub-titles used to emphasize points and mark transitions in the routine. This is all very helpful, and makes everything easier to follow and remember.

But despite the length, there is another redeeming element, and that is the dry and deadpan sense of humour that Chris uses in combination with a low-key style. He is absolutely hilarious to listen to and watch! Obviously you can use your own approach for the actual presentation of the effect, and don't need to perform it exactly the way that Chris Mayhew does. But his lively sense of humor certainly makes the entire video very fun to watch - for me anyway. Here's an example from the tutorial section, where Chris says: "You could also use a technique with a donkey, pair of scissors, and two shoelaces, but it's very difficult, so I don't recommend it." The performance video will give you a good idea of his style, and it only gets better in the explanation. To illustrate, below are some screenshots of Chris wearing different hats and masks throughout the explanation video. Unnecessary? Of course. Funny? Totally! I felt that Chris' unique brand of humour added a lot to the explanation, and made it entertaining to watch despite the slow pacing at times.


In terms of difficulty, there aren't really any difficult sleights at all, and as such this trick is well within the reach of intermediate magicians. In fact, it hardly uses any sleights at all, which is incredible really! There's some set-up (plus the addition of an indicator card you need to use), and there's a number of things to remember and be working out in your mind as the trick progresses, so performing this trick does require careful focus and practice. But the trick isn't about sleights as such; it's not quite self-working, but it's only a few steps removed from it. That doesn't mean it's easy; there's a fair bit to remember and master, and it's not something you could do impromptu with a borrowed deck.


I've always loved the ACAAN premise, and there have been lots of variations on it already, but Chris Mayhew has come up with something very clever here. The method is fairly straight forward and ingenious, and the effect is also very strong for the spectator - I wouldn't be surprised if it would also fool a lot of magicians. In fact, many magicians who have seen the demo have wondered if it is even a normal deck - but yes it is!

What I especially love about the routine is how fair everything seems - and for the most part it really is totally fair and honest. There's no sense of secret or hidden moves, and the way the effect is presented really is what is going on - your spectator genuinely can select any number between 1 and 50, and genuinely can place the indicator card anywhere in the middle of the deck; the fact that the spectator counts the cards himself and reveals the final selection also helps make it even strong strong. CAANDY is genius in its simplicity and its effect!


Sleight of hand can accomplish a great deal, but sometimes you just need a very clever method. That's exactly what Chris Mayhew has come up with in CAANDY. It is also a routine that can easily be adapted to your own style and patter.

This is a great Any Card At Any Number routine, and is a real fooler, and is well worth checking out!

- BoardGameGeek reviewer EndersGame



As a fan of the ACAAN genre I am thrilled to have this version in my arsenal to entertain and amaze my audiences. CAANDY hits most of the criteria I look for in a card effect ... no sleight of hand making this very easy to perform ... straightforward plot ... spectator gets to make free choices (no force). There are a few computational "rules" to learn but nothing that should require more than 15 minutes or so of working with the cards to become very comfortable with performing this without worry. While it does involve a one-time set up and the reset can be a little cumbersome especially if you're trying to use this as a strolling magician. The video shows this effect being performed at a table although, in fairness, you could easily work out a way to use hands of your spectators. In any event, CAANDY is a worthwhile purchase if you're looking for an extremely clever method that will fool your audiences.