Casino Royale With Cheese

Magic download (video) by Chris Mayhew
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Casino Royale With Cheese

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Magic download (video) by Chris Mayhew ($10.00)

Chris Mayhew has an odd combination of talents. Not only is he a great magician and a super funny guy, he's also Canadian! Since we launched A Clockwork Apple, he has received a reputation as one of the top card magic creators. "Casino Royale With Cheese" is a perfect example of his great creation. It's a sandwich effect and a surprising transpo all in one.

A card is selected, signed, and lost in the deck. You then enlist the help of the 4 Kings to find the card. The 2 red Kings are placed onto the table, while the 2 black Kings are placed onto the top and bottom of the deck. With a wave of the hand, the black Kings vanish and then reappear in the center of the deck, now with a card sandwiched between them. The card is revealed to be... The 2 red Kings! What the heck?? What's more, it turns out that the signed selection is now on the table where the 2 red Kings were sitting just a moment ago! This is surprising magic at its finest!

Running time: 28 minutes, 34 seconds.


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Phil Harris

I first experienced Mayhew's magic through '3hree Dee' which was totally mad but brilliant, so when I saw this I had to pick it up. It's an awesome effect and you don't have to be a sleight of hand guru to starting melting (cheese) their minds with this one. Great entertainment value too, Chris could make any effect enjoyable. Mayhew does it again!