Cheating at the Table

Magic download (video) by Sandro Loporcaro

Cheating at the Table

13.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Sandro Loporcaro ($13.00)

If you think Amazo is so good at cards he must be cheating, you'd be right! And now he's ready to teach the techniques to you in Cheating at the Table.

Get ready to learn five new moves you'll be using to impress spectators next time you sit down at the table. Including cuts, shuffles and deals, these moves are undetectable when done well, yet their effect is obvious and astounding.

They won't know what you're doing, but they'll know you're cheating! Download and start learning today!

Includes the following:

- Undetectable Revers
- Loporcaro One Hand Cut
- Turkish Multiple Cut
- New Aces Discovery with Multiple Square Cut
- Bonus: One Hand for Two Changes


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