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Color Burn

Magic download (video) by Dave Forrest
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Color Burn

17.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Dave Forrest ($17.00)

A blue backed deck is removed from its case. The deck is spread and your spectators are asked to call out the names of some cards that they see. You then take the named cards and, one by one, begin to magically change their back colour from blue to red! Offering a better look at the technique you announce that you will change the back of another card...


With a gentle wave of your hand, the card begins to visibly change. The card actually appears to change as you move your hand back and forth over it! You pause halfway - the card under your hand is half blue and half red! Slowly, you complete the colour change, visually changing the remaininder of the blue card to red. The card is now fairly shown on both sides - it has completely changed to red!. But, you're not done...

With a snap of your fingers the entire deck instantly changes to red before their already disbelieving eyes. They pick their jaws up - you move onto your next miracle!

"WOW! The colour change at the end of the routine completely fooled me! Great work!" —Andi Gladwin

"Excellent trick! I don't know how the gradual change happens..." —Peter Duffie

"I can't get my head around it! It looks SOOOOO good! It's like 'WOW' all over again - only not $80 and breakable!" —Liam Montier

Running time: 33 minutes, 47 seconds.


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WOW. Talk about your visual magic. David Forrest comes up with amazing stuff. This will blow people away. It's easy to do, quick to assemble--an incredible piece of magic. I'm going to be taking this with me everywhere.



Probably Dave Forrest's best ever release, honestly can't recommend this enough, laymen shrieks guaranteed!



Color Burn is jut fantastic! It really looks like real magic and it will fool your eyes even though you are performing it! This may be Dave Forrest best effect!