Magic download (video) by Harapan Ong
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Magic download (video) by Harapan Ong ($10.00)

Cullology is a triumphant project by our newest team member, Harapan Ong. The download contains 50 minutes of useful and detailed tuition covering culling basics, right through to advanced techniques and tricks utilizing the cull.

You'll learn:

Cull Masterclass: everything you need to know to do the cull smoothly and effortlessly. Harapan is a master at the technique and you can be too. He also teaches two new moves that utilise the cull: Buckle Replacement and Cull Tap Reversal.

Buckle-lectors: four Kings displace into random position in the deck and then collect in the middle, with three selections below them. Considered card magic construction at its best.

Indicated Replacements: the spectator inserts the Ace, Two and Three of Clubs into various positions of the deck in order to find three selections in increasingly move impressive ways.

Come Back to Displace: a multi-phased handling of Bill Goodwin's "Slap Exchange" that will take you off guard.

Mental Reverse: a modern day reworking on the "Biddle Trick" with several interesting new additions.

Running time: 49 minutes, 54 seconds.


Customer reviews for Cullology

andrew mansell

Just a super download with excelent application for the cull. Well done Harapan this is right up there with Josh's work on the bluff shift. Look forward to seeing more of your work mate..



Alex Smith

If you use the cull, the material in this download is first-class. Very sophisticated & logical, I hope Harapan plans on releasing more.


Dr. Joaquin Ayala

I generally think very highly of the things that I get from Vanishing Inc., but in this case it was a bit different.

I have seen many variations on the execution of the cull from many well-respected sources. The technique taught in this video is, in my humble opinion, not great. There are a few issues with this particular handling that can give it away if you are not careful.

I would have also liked to see a little more tips or hints on how to make it flow better than what was given. I am just not sure the instruction was as clear as it could have been, though it is passable enough for some to learn to cull easily enough.

Having said that, the effects shown for use with the cull are first rate and excellent! What is more is that those effects can be done with any method of culling. Another nice thing about them is that they use the cull for something other than what you normally see it used for.

If I were rating this with stars out of five possible, 3.5 is where I would put this. Not a bad job for a first release, but I think the technique is not quite right and the instruction in that portion could have been a little more clear.


Jorge Betancourt

I loved Cullology! I'm a huge fan of the Cull and tried different variations, applications, etc. and the ones taught here are awesome!! My highlights are the Buckle Replacement and the Cull Tap Reversal, WOW, great techniques, great applications, great magic.

For me the best sources for learning the Cull, variations and applications are Roadrunner Cull by Kostya Kimlat and Cullology by Harapan Ong.

This download gives you a very useful tool for creating impossible things with a deck of cards. I can't recommend this enough


dor engel

The teaching of the cull itself is covered basically in the first 5 minutes. A bit of a disappointment for me as I was hoping for a far deeper coverage of the basics.
Apart from that, this download is full of creative and original applications of an under-applied move.
Worth the price.