England Up Close

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England Up Close - magic

Peter asked Vanishing Inc. cofounder Andi Gladwin to be part of his latest book project, which would include the top minds in English card magic. This is a fantastic book that contains over 70 effects from the likes of David Britland, Lewis Jones, Roger Crosthwaite and Justin Higham. In fact, here's a full list of contributors:

  • Jon Allen
  • Jamie Badman
  • Anthony Brahams
  • David Britland
  • Sean Carpenter
  • Harold Cataquet
  • Roger Crosthwaite
  • Wayne Dobson
  • Shiv Duggal
  • Nicholas Einhorn
  • Walt Lees
  • Shaun McRee
  • Iain Moran
  • Andy Nicholls
  • Jack Parker
  • Mark Elsdon
  • Kevin Fox
  • Andi Gladwin (me)
  • Brian Glover
  • Paul Gordon
  • Paul Hallas
  • Justin Higham
  • Andy Hurst
  • Rob James
  • Lewis Jones
  • Mike Rose
  • Al Smith
  • Stephen Tucker
  • Dominic Twose

You'll spend a lot of time going through this ebook and I'm certain that you'll find a lot of effects that you'll use on a regular basis.

173 pages


Customer reviews for England Up Close

Larry Brodahl

I judge books by either the number of tricks that I will ACTUALLY do, or by the number of ideas it sets off in my brain. In both cases, this books does very well.

With only 1 very quick perrusal of this ebook under the belt, I have 4 items that I'm going to be thrilled to do. 2 of them have already been tested on the spouse and both fooled her. (And we know how hard that is to do).

1 of the items used a simple well-known sleight, and the other used a simple gimmick. I already knew the sleight, and the gimmick took all of 5 minutes to make, so this book is already marked for re-reading and re-reading.

And as far as setting off ideas in my brain goes, so far I've slapped my forehead about 10 times and said, "D'oh - why didn't I think of that?". Some clever people in this book.

The layout of the book is excellent, and has a simple usable way of jumping directly to the trick or author that you like, or quickly bouncing back to the index.

The only real complaint I have is that a couple of the links in the book that point to demos of some of the tricks are expired and don't work.

All in all, for the money, this is a very nice book with some very usable material.


Jorge Betancourt

This a great ebook, I bought it a few years ago using the Vanishing Inc app and is amazing, great stuff of so many magicians. I got a lot of inspiration reading this.

Add it to cart, you won't be disappointed.