Magic download (video) by Alexis De La Fuente ($4.45)

A new gimmick which will allow you to switch any object under a sharpie which has been sitting in your jacket pocket.

From bills to cards, you can use anything you want to create a routine which will blow the minds of your spectator.

  • Use a regular deck
  • Gimmick can be made in less than a minute for less than $1
  • Reset is almost instant
  • Everything is handed out at the end.


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Customer reviews for FOLD

Austin Lemons

Cant wait to use it in street magic the only downfall is that u need a shirt pocket but other then that amazing gimmick well hidden, and no one will see the switch!
I give this an Excellent For These 3 Reasons
1. Only Three Steps.
2. You Can Do It Anywhere Any Time Any Place Its Not Angle Sensitive.
3. Gimmick is made by things every one has!


I am in love with this product. The problem with effects now-a-days (especially made by SansMinds) are highly visual, however are SUPER angle sensitive, and the gimmicks take forever to make. This effect, however, is amazing. The gimmick is small, angle proof, and is made with household objects. I would highly recommend this to everyone!!