Fred Outdone Squared

Magic download (video) by Wolfgang Riebe ($50.00)

In 1990 Wolfgang Riebe upgraded the classic "Fred" effect with Fred Outdone. Now he's back again with an even better and cleaner version, Fred OutdoneĀ².

No rough and smooth or even and odd principle this time. The spectator names any card he desires. The whole deck is shown with red backs of different names. But when their card is turned over, it is the only blue-backed card and has the name Fred on the back.

Handling is casual and easy and it can be repeated right away, so this is perfect for walk-around and table-hopping situations. Plus you get instructions for every needed move and nuance as well as how to put it together for under $5!

If you're looking for a quick and powerful effect that packs quite a punch, look no further and download now!


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