Gambler's Exercise

Magic download (video) by Luke Jermay
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Gambler's Exercise

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Magic download (video) by Luke Jermay ($10.00)

This download is exciting to us because it shows mentalist Luke Jermay in an entirely new way: as a card expert. Luke is widely considered one of the finest thinkers in mentalism. Few realize what an accomplished card technician Luke is, and that is on full display in "Gambler's Exercise". He has the definitive work on one of the most beautiful card plots in magic, Alex Elmsley's "Diamond Cut Diamond." What Jermay has added to this trick will fool you, and you will be delighted by the method. Jermay proves that he is not only one of the most forward-thinking mentalists in the industry, but that he also has a devious mind for powerful card magic.

Here's what happens: all the Diamonds are removed from the pack and a card is chosen. Then all the Diamond cards are VERY convincingly shuffled, and yet Luke is able to deal out all the Diamonds, IN ORDER, from the pack. Better still, there is a very surprising transposition with the selected card. You will be delighted by the construction, routining, and how all the pieces fit together so perfectly. "Diamond Cut Diamond" is a trick worthy of study, and what Luke has added make this classic even more amazing.

  •  Your spectators require no gambling knowledge to enjoy
  •  The deck is legitimately shuffled by the spectator
  •  The selection is a free choice
  •  This routine gives you the ultimate finish, revealing every single card in order
  •  Two versions taught

Running Time: 35 minutes


Customer reviews for Gambler's Exercise

Emanuele Spagnolo

Well, all I can tell you if that it requires some hand-skills.
It is not so easy to perform if you are not an expert.


Jorge Betancourt

One of the finest gambling demonstrations, sometimes gambling routines are confusing for laypeople but with Gambler’s Exercise you can perform it for people that don’t have any knowledge about gambling and still entertain them. Luke did a great job teaching this, the plot is great, the magic is direct and powerful! Is a bit advanced but nothing out of this world. Get this download! 10/10


varlet maxime

very nice gambling demonstration.
Not exactly a self working card trick.
you have to know to do a little sleight of hand
but, as said in the video, the hardest one does not have to be perfect.
and the impact on the audience really deserves to work on that routine