Gen Transpo

Magic download (video) by Creative Artists

Gen Transpo

2.95 usd

Magic download (video) by Creative Artists ($2.95)

For the aspiring card magician, we're pleased to be able to offer you Gen Transpo - another take on the visual two-card transpo plot.

A card is selected, shown, and place face down into the middle of the deck, protruding half way out. The top card is then shown and placed face down on the top of the deck. After a magical gesture the top card instantly turns face up, and is now the card from the middle of the deck, and the card in the middle of the deck is shown to be the card from the top of the deck.

Gen Transpo is a visually smooth and clean two-card transpo and is ideal for demonstrating strong, powerful card magic right in front of your spectators.

The video download also features a kicker ending where the whole deck reverses itself, as well as a bonus card production.


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