Magic download (video) by Daniel Madison
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Magic download (video) by Daniel Madison ($7.00)

Daniel Madison releases a lot of his magic through Ellusionist, so our customers rarely see what a skilful, creative talent he is. That’s why we’re pleased to bring you a sample of his work through “Heritage.”

“Heritage” is a cheating/gambling demonstration where you never touch the deck throughout the whole routine.

Four playing cards are brought out of the performer’s pocket and introduced as a partial poker hand - that can only be made a winning hand with ONE specific card from the deck.

The spectator is asked to shuffle the deck, and then deal a single card to the performer. The performer show the four cards in his hand to be an inside straight flush - and as the spectator turns over the single card they dealt - it's is incredibly the only one in the deck that could have completed the hand.

Running time: 30 minutes


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