Houdini's Last Transposition

Magic download (video) by Dan Hauss
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Houdini's Last Transposition

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Magic download (video) by Dan Hauss ($4.95)

You introduce two cards, then securely tie them down with a rubber band, only to see one selected card escape outside its confinement, to the top of his hand. In a shocking moment, you see one selected card instantly and visually trade places with the card on his hand, only to find that they have switched places, all while tied down, just like the timeless illusion, Metamorphosis that Houdini & Bess were famous for.

Hand out everything for inspection to leave your spectators with a moment they'll never forget.


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I personally belive this is a super cool card trick. It did require me to make an item and buy rubber bands. Im new to magic and ad a beginner i found this really fun and easy.this trick is a great opener and has a good story

Houdini's Last Transposition by Dan Hauss