Jared Kopf Collection 2

Magic download (video) by Jared Kopf
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Jared Kopf Collection 2

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Magic download (video) by Jared Kopf ($10.00)

Do you know the name Jared Kopf? If you do, you know this gentleman is the foremost student of the elusive and wonderful Bob White. Like White (who studied with Vernon and Miller), Mr. Kopf has spent his life dedicated to the classics of magic, and fine-tuning the fundamental sleights of card magic. Kopf’s hands are some of the best in the business, and we’re thrilled that he makes his debut through Vanishing Inc. Magic.

We have two outstanding Jared Kopf downloads. $10 each or BOTH for just $15.

In this tutorial you'll learn Jared’s tweak on the classic Triumph, which both eliminates moves and makes the whole thing appear so much fairer. If you’re familiar with Vernon’s Triumph, check out just how clean Jared’s version is. You will also learn Jared’s smooth-as-silk thought-of card across routine, which can also be done on a tabletop with people burning your hands.

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tony bianco

I really like Jared's triumph routine. The spreading of cards, one half FU and the other FD is truly convincing. Easy to do and very much a fooler. I like to give the cards a downward bend to start the trick and then to get a break in the routine just squeeze the short ends and the break open up nicely. If you like the triumph routine then definitely get this.


Yul Largado

I bought this based on being pleased with Collection 1. I like the Triumph, but it's for table work. I especially like the thought of card trick, easy and practical. I recommend this and Collection 1.