Nine Black Cats

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Magic download (ebook) by Neema Atri and Lorenzo Cobo ($29.95)

Nine Black Cats - magic

In ancient Persia, the black cat was thought to be a higher self that was to accompany you on your earthly travels, and those who ignored them did so to their own detriment. The same could be said of this volume, which has effects and essays designed to accompany you in your magic travels, and ignoring it would be a detriment to your magical journey. Thus we present Nine Black Cats.

Inside this card-magic text you find nine effects and five essays from two authors who clearly love the art of magic and want to pass on that fire and inspiration to readers.

Practice well, perform with all your heart, and you will find your world enriched with the closest thing we have to pure magic. It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to Nine Black Cats.

"This is a work of art. A masterpiece laced with hidden gems."Daniel Madison

"Nine Black Cats is so much more than its binding gives it credit for. Neemdog has always been an intriguing thinker, and Lorenzo is proving to be the same. This book is chalk full of interesting ideas, philosophies, and routines, all of which leave me wanting to learn more. Well done!"Jeremy Griffith

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