Magic download (video) by Helder Guimarães
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Magic download (video) by Helder Guimarães ($8.00)

In this trick, the performer introduces two decks of cards, one red and one blue. After shuffling his deck, a spectator is asked to name any card. The performer takes the two red kings from his pack and drops them on top of the spectators deck. Instantly and without the performer even touching the spectator’s cards the freely named selection appears in between the kings!

The performer offers to do it again, only this time the spectator removes their red kings and drops them on top of the performer’s deck. Miraculously a card appears in between them!

For a kicker finale, the spectator’s selection disappears from the performer’s deck and appears in the middle of the deck they have been in control of the entire time!


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Richard Tuckerman

Very few of us are Helder Guimarães. One of Helder's many great strengths is his insouciant handling of multiple cards as one. This routine — elegant in concept and routining — is HEAVILY dependent on CONVINCINGLY handling two cards as one via the Stuart Gordon Double Turnover, which Helder mentions, though he neither teaches the move nor mentions sources fo it. The move is found in The Cardwright (Maxwell, Jennings) and Jennings '67. The best description of the move I have found is in the May 2004 issue of Genii, pp. 61-62. Even if you do not learn Nomad, mastering the Gordon lift is ESSENTIAL card handling.


Joe Concitis

This is a great opener. Very well taught, fun to perform. Had a bit of a problem with the download, but there tech Tu was extremely helpful and solved the problem quickly. Great customer service!