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Matrix Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Aviv Moraly - $4.00

Matrix is one of 10 original card flourishes featured on Project Aviv, an original collection of cardistry from Aviv Moraly.

Maestro Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Maestro
Magic download (video) by Ladislas Toubart - $2.00

One of 10 original card flourishes featured on Outbreak, an original collection of cardistry from Ladislas Toubart.

Leap of Faith Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Leap of Faith
Magic download (video) by David Regal - $8.00

Leap of Faith is a beautifully constructed piece of visual card magic by David Regal. It has all the elements that make for a good card trick including presentation, misdirection, and sleight of hand. The effect is straightforward; a card magically travels from one place to another. If you didn't...

Four Play Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Four Play
Magic download (video) by Chad Nelson - $8.00

A puzzling effect where a selected card shows character. Straight away a returned face-down selection appears face up and upon removal it turns face down, visually. The inversions continue, leading to a chaotic climax which must be seen to be disbelieved.

End-for-End Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive End-for-End
Magic download (video) by Michael Feldman - $8.00

End-for-End is an exciting new pen routine developed by Michael Feldman. Incorporating classic ideas and new concepts, Feldman has constructed a fun routine full of magical surprises. Watch as an ordinary pen vanishes, reappears and changes color right before your eyes!

Director's Cut Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Director's Cut
Magic download (video) by Henok Negash - $8.00

A demonstration of gambling with an unexpected ending where the spectator unknowingly performs expert card control to magically produce four of a kind. The magician explains that he will show you how to cheat at cards by finding any four of a kind with magic. As an example, the Aces are introduced...

Counterfeit Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Counterfeit
Magic download (video) by Josh Janousky - $10.00

Counterfeit by Josh Janousky is nothing short of modern alchemy. Imagine - a crude sketch on a piece of paper transforms with a shake of the wrist into cold-hard-cash. Visually stunning, and an undeniable reputation maker, Counterfeit is a necessity in every worker's arsenal. "One of the most fun,...

Click Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Click
Magic download (video) by Valdemar Gestur - $5.00

A visual color change performed under impossible conditions. A face-up card is secured to the top of the deck under a rubber band wrapped tightly around the cards. With a snap of the band down onto the card, it instantly changes. Not only can you see it, you can hear it change too! Click is...

Anti-Faro (download) Magic download (video)
Anti-Faro (download)
Magic download (video) by Christian Engblom - $15.00

To perfectly interweave a deck, that is shuffle the cards one-for-one, is by far one of the more challenging feats of our craft. Known as a faro, this form of perfect shuffle has many applications for the magician. However, if one were able to unmix the cards, that is separate them one-for-one,...

Flash Change Magic download (video)
Flash Change
Magic download (video) by Robby Constantine - $10.00

A playing card's color changes from red to blue visually! Looks incredible! Easy to do. Very clean. Download the video today!

Sharpie Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Lars La Ville - $11.95

In this video, a number of novel effects are taught using spelling and a Sharpie! Effect 1: Sharpie The deck is shuffled by the spectator. There are 4 words on the Sharpie. The spectator chooses the words on the Sharpie in any random order. For each letter, the magician deals a card to the table....

Raging Wave Shuffle Magic download (video)
Raging Wave Shuffle
Magic download (video) by Nobuyuki Nojima - $23.00

This shocking Triumph comes from NOJIMA, the guy who made raves with C3, a revolutionary new color change technique. First, take a look at the trailer above. Even magicians will attest to the haphazard order of the cards. Yet, not only do the faces and backs return to order, but so does the deck --...

M.O.Angle Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Sultan Orazaly - $7.00

M.O.Angle is a super visual torn-and-restored card effect. While many effects in the magic world deal with torn-and-restored cards, M.O.Angle is a new idea, a new routine, and finishes with an amazingly visual restoration. Very simple in performance. Card can be examined. Very beautiful effect....

Magicians of Asia - Bundle 1 Magic download (video)
Magicians of Asia - Bundle 1
Magic download (video) by Tae Sang, Collin and Rall - $15.00

At Vanishing Inc., we travel the world to find and share the very best magic with you. In this new series, we are featuring new magic from some of the very best underground magicians in Asia. You'll learn a whole new style of magic, ranging from modern takes on classic plots to wildly original...

Rebuild Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Collin - $10.00

We are thrilled to be introducing Collin's magic to a wider audience. In South Korea, he has a reputation for weird and wonderful plot twists which are designed to create surprise. Rebuild is a sandwich routine which has a kicker ending. It is easy to do and includes a switch which can be...

The Expert Magic download (ebook)
The Expert
Magic download (ebook) by Michal Kociolek - $10.00

A spectator names any number of hands, any rank of poker hand he wants, and which player will get the named hand. The performer states that he will deal the best hand of the chosen rank, and he fulfills the spectator’s request. Everything from a genuinely shuffled deck. No palms, no magnets. Just...

Secret Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Dgaldot - $6.45

Imagine the following. You BLINDFOLD yourself for this effect - no peeking! Your spectator freely selects a card and the deck is shuffled. Yet, magically, you can find their chosen card every single time! Learn it in seconds No short card used Works 100% No peek You also get 1 bonus trick at the...

The Mystery Card Magic download (video)
The Mystery Card
Magic download (video) by Henry Wallace - $10.00

Henry Wallace from Area52 has finally shared with the world his beautiful routine, "The Mystery Card"! This download includes 5 heart-stopping routines that Henry has performed at his walk around gigs and trusts will go into your working arsenal immediately! The Mystery Card: The spectator's signed...

Touchable Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by ARNEL L. RENEGADO - $6.95

Touchable is a new development in the Moving Ink effect, using a unique material that makes the moving ink touchable. Imagine the following. Your spectator selects a card. You then put a dot or X onto the card. Ask your spectator to touch the ink to be sure it's actually drawn on the card. After...

Stubborn Card Magic download (video)
Stubborn Card
Magic download (video) by Pavatzoglou Alexander - $5.25

What if you could make a freely chosen card rise from your palm and be suspended from your fingertip? You can do it!!! Tell spectators you are going to push the card into your palm. But the card is STUBBORN - when your finger lifts up, the card rises and stays under your finger! Can also be done...

Flopper Change Magic download (video)
Flopper Change
Magic download (video) by Manuel Llari Martin - $12.00

This is Flopper Change, the most powerful visual color change. It's very, very easy to do! NO flaps, threads, magnets... NO gimmicks, you finish COMPLETELY CLEAN. You will learn two different applications with only one move. This is one of the best visual color changes....

Four Card Shoot Magic download (video)
Four Card Shoot
Magic download (video) by Eric Chien - $10.00

FISM winner Eric Chien teaches you his lightning-fast four-card production! Sometimes you need to show your audience that you have next level ninja skills when it comes to handling a deck of cards. Four Card Shoot will knock them out with the fastest four-card production they have...

Oil & Water Magic download (video)
Oil & Water
Magic download (video) by Eric Chien - $10.00

FISM winner Eric Chien's beautiful take on the Oil and Water plot. A group of black cards and a group of red cards turn into a mixed group of alternating black and red cards. A mixed group of red and black cards separates into two separate colors, one card at a time!...

Flash Aces Magic download (video)
Flash Aces
Magic download (video) by Eric Chien - $10.00

FISM winner Eric Chien's exceptional Four Ace Production! Don't blink, it happens fast and visually! Each Ace seems to pop out of nowhere! Download the video and learn this astonishing effect!

Eric Chien Card Magic Full Project VCM Magic download (video)
Eric Chien Card Magic Full Project VCM
Magic download (video) by Eric Chien - $24.95

Eric Chien's last release, COIN, caused a sensation amongst coin workers around the world. VCM is his latest release. It features his original VISUAL CARD MAGIC with routines that he has been performing for the past six years and won numerous competitions with throughout Asia. In this...