Rafael Benatar Bundle

By Rafael Benatar

Both for $10.00 - SAVE $10.00 | Also available individually

Venezuela's Rafael Benatar is one of the smoothest, most elegant practitioners of card magic. At Vanishing Inc. Magic we are honored to welcome him as a featured artist, with two spectacular downloads. Students of sleight-of-hand rejoice...Rafael Benatar is back with two routines that exemplify beauty in close-up magic.

Routines with Rhythm: In this detailed study on the Rhythm count, Rafael teaches not only this useful (and easy) sleight, but also several routines that go with it.

Clark Kent Change: This beautiful color change is easy to master and is smooth, visual, and elegant. This move has helped earn Rafael his sterling international reputation, and he teaches the move and its variants in great detail.

Each download is sold separately for $10, but as an introductory special we're offering BOTH DOWNLOADS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE. That's right: get both downloads for just ten bucks, right here!


Also available individually:

Clark Kent Change

Clark Kent Change : $10.00

Routines with Rhythm

Routines with Rhythm : $10.00


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Customer reviews for Rafael Benatar Bundle

Having seen Rafael lecture a few times, and having studied his Elegant series at length, I would like to highly recommend both of these. You learn so much more than the move or trick at hand ... you learn timing, psychology, attention direction ... how to perform elegantly. The CK Change has many uses, and the Rhythm Count is a lesson in card magic unto itself.


Derrick Won

This is truly priceless. The change solves some problems people would have with other changes. I found myself using the CK Change a lot more than I thought. Highly recommended.