Magic download (video) by Benjamin Earl
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Magic download (video) by Benjamin Earl ($10.00)

Ben Earl caused a SENSATION last year when we released his Less is More hardbacked book, as well as his deck-switching treatise. People know him for beautiful and intricate sleight-of-hand. Today we present a new side of Benjamin Earl, with this fantatsic self working card location.

Ramjollock An INSANE magician-fooler, this effect requires absolutely no sleight-of-hand at all. ANY pack can be used and this is what happens: a spectator cuts anywhere into a deck and remembers the card he cut to and IMMEDIATELY replaces the packet back so the full deck is square. The cards are cut and shuffled multiple times by the spectator, and then the selection is moved anywhere he likes in the pack. When you take back the deck, you can immediately spread through and remove the chosen card.

Running time: 25 minutes


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Johnny Tsai

Famous truck explained by the master himself. As a beginner in magic, this is absolutely worth every penny with no sleight of hand required.