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Roleplayer - magic

When Benjamin Earl tells us that he's ready to publish his strongest card effect, we listen! In effect, a spectator freely names a card, they shuffle the deck multiple times and then find that card ... and its three mates. Best of all, it happens in their hands, and apparently without the performer touching the deck!

You can present 'Roleplayer' as a magic or gambling demonstration, It only requires basic skills and it is almost entirely self-working! However, more advanced approaches—to both effect and method—are also explained.

Roleplayer is our favorite kind of ebook: a long-form (46 page ebook) approach containing in-depth technical and psychological explanations

"Everyone buy this!!!" Chris Kenner
"A Masterpiece" Rune Klan
"A gem of the highest order." Michael Vincent

Customer reviews for Roleplayer

Joshua Strongin

I am such a big fan of Benjamin Earl and this eBook is the reason why!
Roleplayer is a perfect piece of magic that is powerful and touching. This is something that is going right into my parlor show and that I will be ending it with!
Benjamin Earl has once again succeeded in performing magic that we will all use and I believe will be used for many lifetimes after we are gone.


Baudel Hinojosa

Ben Earl has done it again, it what I believe to be his best release yet!
Ben has taken a simple idea from his book F is For Fiction and actually made it into a full performance masterpiece, that you can perform close-up, parlour, and even stage! What would it feel like for both you and your spectator to receive wonder in each and every performance. This is what this achieves! Bravo.


Christian Lopez

Do not hesitate to add to cart. This is a simple yet powerful effect. Knowing how simple the method is still brings a smile to my face. I have been performing the Aces version after having the spectator name a random card. I then follow the trick by performing the trick that never ends by Asi Wind to reveal the random card. Thank you Benjamin Earl for releasing this effect. Shout out to Asi Wind also.


Brandon Bennett

I believe what Mr. Earl is really sharing with us here is a new way to think about interacting with our spectators. About how to put a twist on the usual roles magician and spectator often play.
The trick is special, but even if you don’t get anything from the methodology you can start to build a whole new framework of how to present by absorbing the passionate information he shares about empowering an audience.
This trick has inspired an entire 20 minute routine of “spectator as card cheat” where I barely have to touch the cards and my audience does all kind of spectacular things.
My brain never would have gone there is not for this material.
Mr. Earl writes with a clarity and heart that I would love to see more of in this community. He is so excited to share that you have to be excited to learn and it makes for a very enjoyable experience.