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Shin Lim Teaches Card Magic - magic

"These are real world card tricks from my own personal repertoire."
- Shin Lim, World Champion Card Magician

Want to take your card magic to next level? Where do you go and whom do you learn from? The answer is definitely to go to the very best on planet earth, World Champion of Card Magic, Shin Lim.

Be A Card Pro

Shin Lim is referred to as the #1 sleight of hand artist in the world. Most of all, Shin Lim has been bestowed the title of "World Champion of Close-Up Card Magic" by his peers and the world. Shin has handpicked the very best card tricks from his personal repertoire to be shared on this tutorial. By the end of the course, you will go from an absolute beginner (or amateur) into a Card Dragon Slayer. Slay your audiences with your new profound skill. Shin Lim will guide you from the fundamentals of card magic and slowly turn you into a Card Pro in no time. Each trick featured is structured in a way such that these very important, fundamental techniques in card magic will become second nature to you. Furthermore, these techniques will encourage you to further expand your creativity to create new variations/tricks for your own personal repertoire.

Bear in mind, these are not your grandpa's locator card tricks. The tricks taught on this course are real world, audience-tested card tricks performed by Shin Lim himself.

So download this video and begin learning card magic from a real pro.


Customer reviews for Shin Lim Teaches Card Magic

Samuel Gaitan

If you ever wanted to take an online magic class or private lesson with Shin Lim, this is the closest you will get without meeting him. I have been a magician for the past 8 years and I have read magic books on self working card tricks, Every card trick I perform self working card tricks for all my shows but I wanted to learn sleights and learn slight of hand but didn't know where to start. Once I saw that this was a whole course of card magic I flipped out. This is a class of card tricks it's not just a whole bunch of tricks put together, he actually teaches you beginner sleights and teaches you tricks using these basic sleights and then he gets into more advanced sleights and advanced tricks and routines. He also teaches basic and advanced flourishes as well. This is a full on class/course of card magic and you're learning from one of the best sleight of hand artist in card magic in the world. You'll be a professional card magician in no time. I recommend this download to anyone I have added these tricks and routines into my show already 5 stars.