Swab Change

Magic download (video) by Andrew Salas
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Swab Change

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Magic download (video) by Andrew Salas ($5.95)

This stunning color change falls into the new and wonderful category of "no cover color changes." More and more, we see beautiful color changes that no longer require the shade of a wiping hand a momentary cover of the hand. This change happens in full view. Although it looks similar to Mike Brewer's wonderful REL Change, the mechanics (and underlying principle) are entirely different.

And as you can see by the trailer, it looks gorgeous.

This change is difficult but not unusually so, and if you are familiar with or interested in the Bertram Color Change, this will be nearly automatic. Andrew teaches the sleight in great detail, and says "you guys" a lot as he is teaching, which is awesome.

Running time: approximately 20 minutes

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